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Condor Cycles is London’s premium cycle retailer with a heritage dating back to 1948. Its bikes are of unparalleled quality - and it needed an ecommerce store of the same calibre.

What Were Condor's Aims?

This project was a reimagining of Condor’s existing ecommerce presence with 3 purposes:

  • to refresh the site’s look, align it with Condor’s premium image and improve the brand positioning
  • to streamline the functionality and make the store leaner and faster

  • to improve the user experience and increase sales

The store was originally on the older version of Shopify - v1.0 - and this was the perfect opportunity to rebuild it on Shopify 2.0, which would give a huge number of benefits.

Condor Mountain Bike
Condor Cycles Shopify Store by Eastside Co

Why Shopify 2.0?

Shopify 2.0 gave our designers and developers freedom to create a more customised experience for Condor, benefitting the brand and its customers:

* Revised UI and functionality make the system easier to use, saving time.

* Custom sections allow more customisation across the entire site. This gives additional flexibility to create unique customer experiences for more sales.

* It is easier to scale branded content across 2.0 stores.

* It’s quick and easy to upload and amend content on the fly.

* 2.0 stores are quicker to load, meaning fewer visitors will leave, assisting search engine rankings.

* Native filtering makes the 2.0 site faster with no need for a third party app.

Building on Shopify 2.0 meant the new Condor site would achieve a high speed score, and minimise the number of apps that needed to be installed thanks to the system’s baked-in capabilities - without compromising the required functionality.

Check out our guide for a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Shopify 2.0

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Intuitive UX

Our UX team spent time carefully analysing the engagement data to understand the customer journey, and worked closely with Condor to understand the different levels of products and services. The website needed to be as bespoke as the bikes themselves. 

Every rider is different: frame size, handlebar width, stem length, seat post alignment, saddle type and position, and reach. Bikes can be bought whole or by frame set. With that level of complexity, it was key to understand all the ways people can purchase in order to improve the UI and UX and create slicker purchasing flows.

Condor Bikes

Performance Thinking

Through our Performance Thinking methodology, we redesigned the journey, removing barriers, to create a more intelligent framework that works intuitively for the customer. It eliminates confusion and frustration, enabling customers to make decisions, and ultimately, a purchase.

We also made better use of the Journal section of the site - improved segmentation, topic clusters and navigation mean it can be used not just for informational use, but also as a tool to help encourage sales.

Condor Product Page

Integrations With Purpose

As an international brand, it was key that the store had the capability to serve customers in different markets. Global-e was implemented - as an enterprise-level system for international stores, it updates the site for language, currency, inventory and fulfilment based on the customer’s IP address.

To help make the purchase journey easier for customers, Klarna was integrated into the site to enable payment by instalment, via financing and through ‘buy now, pay later’ functionality.

The end result is an online parallel between Condor and Eastside Co’s experience, precision and quality: a Shopify ecommerce presence which is premium in nature and aligns with the brand aspiration.

Condor Bespoke Service
Condor Bike Fitting Service

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