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La Chambre’s Vision

Alison and Ian co-founded La Chambre Paris after being unable to find high quality, luxurious bedding in France, at a fair price. Their idea was simple: create luxury bed linen that respects the environment, the well-being of the people who make it, and those who sleep in it.

Find out how La Chambre and Eastside Co worked together to bring their vision to life, with a Shopify ecommerce store that converts.

La Chambre Paris

Choosing a Platform and a Partner

As a new business that would be trading exclusively online, La Chambre Paris needed a website that would bring their brand to life. They decided Shopify was the right solution for their business: secure, scalable and easy to manage, it was the perfect choice for their ecommerce store.

Next began the search for a Shopify Expert to design and bring the store to life. After extensive research, they chose Eastside Co thanks to our track record and expertise on the platform. With over 500 Shopify stores launched, we were well-placed to collaborate with La Chambre and execute their vision.

Eastside Co La Chambre Shopify

Aesthetics, User Experience and Functionality

One of the main goals for the design team was combining an on-brand look & feel with great UX while incorporating the client’s functionality requirements, for example creating flexible product page templates.

A bespoke theme build incorporating 14 separate templates enabled us to achieve all of this.

Key functionality included the development of 3 separate product templates which allowed for standalone products, set bundles, and a product builder. This afforded the site the flexibility needed by La Chambre.

La Chambre Product Page

Creating a Site that Sells

The mobile versions of the different pages were designed from scratch and each template was approached separately to ensure optimal performance on its own terms.

We paid particular attention to the customer being able to reach the cart in as few clicks as possible, while at the same time providing a wealth of relevant information via accordion titles.

Our internal QA tester rigorously put the site through its paces during development, making sure it was optimised across numerous browsers and devices.

Post-Launch Improvements

Following the site launch, we continued to monitor performance. This gave us the data to refine and enhance the site, with the purpose of continually improving the user journey and conversion rate.

We used heatmaps to understand user behaviour on the homepage and product page. The data collected informed subsequent site amends, which led to a marked improvement in conversion rate.

Analysis also allowed us to improve clickthrough from the homepage on mobile devices. Conversion rate optimisation decisions such as moving text to below the hero image, and increasing the size of the call to action, led to a substantial increase in clicks.

Not only that, but our recent redesign of the mobile product pages has resulted in a 1.8% increase in overall conversion rate.

Website Heatmapping

The end result is a website and a new leading ecommerce business in France that is growing month on month and converting consumers the first time they come to the site. We have made some additional changes to the site to improve the UX and drive conversions about 8 months after we launched and we are very excited about the impact this is having on our sales figures. Many thanks for taking our ideas and turning them into reality.

Continued Collaboration

Thanks to the success of the collaboration and the Shopify site, ESC and La Chambre have continued to work together on an ongoing basis. The partnership means that together we can improve the store’s UX, grow online visibility and increase conversion rates.


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