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Scandibørn was born out of a passion for Scandinavian inspired design. From children’s clothes to baby furniture and nursery accessories, it brings together brands from around the world, supporting independent businesses in a responsible way by looking out for both the planet and the people who make the products.

An SEO strategy to grow internationally

The client knew there was further potential to grow the business online organically, but needed an expert to help them reach a bigger audience. Eastside Co’s SEO and marketing specialists were the right fit to help take them to the next level.

Higher Visibility, Increased Traffic, More Sales

The first phase of work undertaken over a period of 12 months yielded fantastic returns.

UK sessions increased by 38%, with new users up by 58%.

Transactions and revenue were up by 75% while the conversion rate increased by 27%.

Improving the international presence also paid dividends, with revenue in the US up by 63% thanks to 30% more sessions and an improved conversion rate of 26%.

Visibility hugely increased - which means more people are finding the brand in search engine results pages when looking for terms related to their products.

Their Changing Bags collection was originally appearing in search for only 11 keywords. After one year working with us, it was appearing for 198.

Over 6,700 additional transactions were made, compared to the previous period.

How Did We Achieve This Success?

We began with a thorough audit of the site’s health. 

This took into account on-page, off-page and technical SEO to understand what had been done well, and where there were opportunities for improvement

Following this in-depth analysis, we created a detailed SEO roadmap.

This contains a prioritised list of tasks, why we’re recommending them, and the expected outcome. This document forms the basis for monthly monitoring and review of the SEO work with the client.

“We hired Eastside Co to perform a technical audit on our website. Eastside Co’s recommendations helped us put in place strong SEO foundations that supported fantastic growth for our website. Their knowledge and expertise are continually demonstrated through the strategic SEO guidance they provide.” Scandibørn

What SEO tactics did we deploy?

A mixture of SEO tactics were implemented, with the goal being an improvement in site traffic and conversions:

~ fixing internal issues like redirects and 404s

~ improving the site’s information architecture and onsite content

~ enhancing the internal linking structure

~ international SEO activity including regional keyword research and the implementation of hreflang tags.

Adapting to the seasons 

We also researched, prepared and optimised for seasonal sales to maximise conversions at key trading times. We started planning for the Scandibørn Christmas sale in late summer and implemented our strategy in Q4 which led to a huge increase in sales.

If your business needs more visibility, more visitors and more sales, an SEO strategy could help it grow. Why not get in touch and see if we can help?

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