Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare

Freshly made, cruelty-free and natural: from sustainably sourced ingredients to freshly made products, Tropic’s brand beliefs reflect the impact they want to have in the beauty industry and beyond. Their award-winning skincare and beauty products are freshly made in the UK, with founder Susie Ma drawing upon her time in Australia, surrounded by an abundance of natural ingredients, in the creation of the products.

Tropic Skincare Shopify


With no prior paid social activity before our involvement, the initial challenge was to launch fast-moving campaign-based activity while building out a sustainable account structure. The aim of this was to drive consistent revenue as well as allowing us to focus on new launch activity.

We set about building a Google Ads account from the ground up. After extensive keyword research to understand how best to target and communicate to the audience, we prioritised activity to give us the best return on investment as soon as possible.


The account has been stratospherically successful through peak trading: for every £1 spent on social media advertising, over £116 was made in revenue. We have seen excellent conversion volume at all stages of the sales funnel with huge opportunities to identify and appear in front of new audiences.

PPC results from November 13th to February 1st returned more than £43 for every £1 spent on the account. This equates to a return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 4,300%. The account continues to grow from month to month.

SEO Activity and Results

Our approach was a mixture of content-based and technical SEO activity, including:

- Ongoing content creation

- Regular blog audits, optimisations and content recommendations 

- Repairing internal issues such as managing redirects and 404 errors

- Enhancing the internal linking structure

- Other technical fixes such as indexation issues

Within the first 9 months of activity, sessions had increased by 178% with users up by 125%. 

This led to a revenue increase of 251% and a 209% increase in transactions.

Tropic Sessions

Search engine visibility saw a massive increase with a huge surge in impressions, and clicks increasing from 96.6k to 234k.

Tropic Impressions

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