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The Valentine's Day Campaign

The Million Roses sell natural Eternity Roses that, thanks to special treatment, last up to one year without water while maintaining a completely natural appearance, exactly like freshly-cut flowers.

Eastside Co was contacted by The Million Roses on 21st January. They were looking for a marketing agency that could quickly set up and run their PPC and paid social campaigns in the key weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

Find out how our marketing team took a total media spend of €23,000 and turned it into over €145,000 of revenue - a huge return on ad spend, of over 630%. Year on year results were up by a huge percentage across the board:

How We Did It

We had a turnaround of one week to set up accounts across Paid Social and Paid Search. This included an initial strategy across paid media, creating campaigns across Facebook’s ad account and Google Ads. We also developed a performance tracker to monitor day to day performance of over 100 individual ads across multiple territories including the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland.

To maximise the returns of the campaign we aimed to communicate with the existing audience as well penetrating new markets, so the Facebook campaigns included tactics such as retargeting, traffic-driven campaigns, the creation of lookalike audiences and interest-based targeting.

PPC activity included search and Google Shopping campaigns around Valentine’s related keywords. 

The overall strategy was to initially target users we knew (the ‘low hanging fruit’) as these would be easiest to convert through retargeting. Then the utilisation of traffic-driven ads pushed users into the bottom of the funnel: these were targeted through lookalike audiences (finding users similar to an existing set of data) and interests (people who are interested in high end brands).

In the first week we closely monitored performance, in particular key metrics such as number of conversions, sessions and conversion rate. We cross-referenced these metrics with YoY (year on year) data to understand how we were performing compared to previous years, and to make adjustments to our tactics when appropriate.

One example of this is that we initially allocated a bigger proportion of the budget to PPC, but after several days it became apparent that paid social was converting at a higher rate. We made the decision to re-allocate money to invest more in paid social, drastically improving the number of conversions.

Responsive, Agile Marketing

Leading up to Valentine’s day we expected an influx of sales so we wanted to ensure our tactics were aggressive and reactive. We updated discount codes in accordance with how we anticipated users would respond (i.e increasing to 15% to provide a sense of a ‘last chance’ sale). We also amended our copy on the ads to communicate urgency to the consumers, stressing the importance of ordering as soon as possible which helped contribute to the incredible results of the campaign.

If you have a marketing campaign you'd like us to create and manage, or if you'd like to discuss longer term marketing strategies, drop us a line today. We can help your business achieve exceptional results.

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