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To implement SMS marketing for an existing client and achieve tangible results within one month of launch.

SMS Marketing Results


Client X is a well-known brand with a successful ecommerce store on Shopify. They came to Eastside Co, looking to scale through the implementation of integrated marketing campaigns. After working together for 6 months and seeing success through Google Ads, social media, SEO and email marketing campaigns, we turned our attention to SMS marketing as an additional channel to drive further revenue.

The campaign has been so successful that our client has asked us not to mention them by name, to prevent their competitors seeing the results and following the same approach.

Man using SMS on train

The Power of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has the power to deliver highly relevant, timely messages to your customers, directly to their phones. Although SMS (text messaging) has been around for years, it’s only now that we’re seeing it emerging as a more popular marketing tactic, and being used effectively in tandem with other marketing methods.

With the best engagement rate of any marketing medium, SMS marketing has an open rate of 99%, a click through rate of over 35% and the potential for a phenomenal return on investment. Using Yotpo SMSBump, a platform which integrates easily with stores on Shopify, our specialists at Eastside Co were able to achieve huge results for Client X very quickly.

SMS marketing examples

What We Did

Eastside Co worked collaboratively with the Yotpo SMSBump team to set up the SMS account and integrate it with the incumbent email marketing platform.

The combined ecommerce tech stack of Yotpo SMS and the brand’s email marketing platform work seamlessly together on the Shopify platform. With Eastside Co’s email and SMS marketing specialists working on account creation and campaign management, we were able to generate spectacular results immediately on the launch of the campaign.

With less than $90 spent in the first 3 weeks of launching the SMS campaigns, over $55,000 of sales revenue was returned thanks to 160 additional sales directly from customers marketed to via mobile phone.

SMS marketing results

Can We Get Your Number?

We initially developed a signup incentivisation strategy to grow the number of subscribers. By encouraging customers via a popup to submit their phone numbers for a discount off their first order, we were able to increase data capture for remarketing via SMS messaging.

Designing and implementing a new multi-step signup form to collect email and mobile data meant that data capture was kept simple, while supplying data to both the email marketing and SMS platform (Yotpo SMSBump). 

As well as the discount off the initial order, visitors were further encouraged to provide their phone numbers by offering special deals exclusive to SMS subscribers. They were also promised exclusivity over other customers by being the first to know about the latest product drops and news.

Shipping notifications via text message also made it easy for customers to keep track of their orders, giving them a practical reason to subscribe to the service in addition to financial and exclusivity incentives.


Timely and Relevant Messaging

Our marketing specialists then got to work building out foundational SMS automations to contact customers at key points on their journey, engaging with them and encouraging more sales without being intrusive. These automations included a welcome series with a 5% discount incentive, plus an abandoned cart, abandoned browse and shipping notification flows.

We ensured that the brand tone of voice and strategic messaging was applied to the SMS automations in the same way as email for a consistent, joined-up approach.

Woman text messaging

An Integrated Strategy

To really unlock the power of SMS marketing, we tapped into the expertise of our wider marketing team to develop and augment the strategy by aligning it with other tactics. 

These included the use of text keywords, SMS-specific landing pages, social media advertising and organic social media activity, PPC (paid search) campaigns and email marketing to existing email subscribers in order to collect more phone numbers for the SMS activity.

SMS marketing as a standalone tactic is extremely powerful and yields incredible results very quickly. Combined with other tactics, it becomes even more compelling. We were able to utilise SMS marketing to deliver outstanding returns for Client X in terms of more orders, revenue, list growth and customer engagement.

SMS marketing is a brand new tactic that is paying dividends for early adopters - getting a head start and building your audience and strategy right now is the way to get the most returns from the technique - waiting until many brands are taking advantage of it may make it more difficult in the future.

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If you’d like to talk to us about how we can achieve incredible results through SMS marketing, get in touch.

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