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The Brand

Trojan is a premium US-based condom brand that has been trusted for over a century. With 70% of condoms sold in the US being Trojan products, they came to Eastside Co to help them achieve growth and further penetration into the UK market.

With a strong brand aesthetic already in place, our job was to bring that to life for the UK, ensuring a result that stayed true to Trojan while also speaking to this new audience.

Trojan Brands Shopify

The Project

Eastside Co were tasked with growing the brand’s presence in the UK market by creating a new website to showcase their innovative, high-quality products.

The iconic Trojan Man was the starting point for the new website. The open-robed guru is ‘a guide for these sexy times’, offering sex-positive advice while promoting safe sex.

Trojan UK Website

Crossing Territories

Taking inspiration from the US site, our creative team put together designs for the UK version. We created a site that suited the UK marketplace while remaining sympathetic to, and in line with, the US branding.

We incorporated a video on the homepage which allows visitors to ‘get into the world of Trojan Man’ and lets the humour and playfulness of the brand speak for itself.

Trojan Condoms

The Result

Thanks to the collaborative effort between our Project Management and development teams and the client, the site came together quickly. We were able to get it up in a tight schedule which enabled Trojan to start capitalising on the UK market as quickly as possible.

Trojan Condoms Product Page

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