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Hindsight; it’s a Wonderful Thing!

Posted By Emily Hickey-Mason

New App Launch!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that we have launched a new app: Hindsight.

Ever wondered exactly what the visitors to your site do when they're on your website? Where their cursor hangs around the longest, which pages they hop back and forth between, what the exact moment is when they decide to buy? All the things you simply can't get from statistical and data analysis. Previously, this incredibly in-depth examination of user experience has been somewhat of a mystery for online store owners until now!

We've created an app which works almost like CCTV for your website, recording every move from when a user clicks onto the landing page to when they leave the site.

What's the Theory Behind Hindsight?

We spotted a gap in the market for a new way to track users' journeys through a Shopify website. There is already so much focus on analysis and statistics of user experience but this level of data scrutiny can only take you so far, so we thought we'd go a step further and create a new kind of heatmapping technology. What makes us different from other heatmapping apps is that Hindsight can record every user journey; that's right every single one.

How Does it Work?

With instant set up, this a no fuss app that gets straight down to the job. Once installed, you will have immediate access to a set of heatmaps for every page in your store.

  • You are able to switch between viewing mapping clicks, mouse movements and scrolls as well as see total amounts of clicks and hover time.
  • Along with this unique heatmapping process, Hindsight also offers you key statistics too
  • You can record and play back users' visits and set which part of a journey is recorded
  • Visitor's location and visit duration are easily accessible
  • You can change playback speed
  • Recordings can be kept up to a month
  • There is intuitive dashboard which means that you don't even have to leave your Shopify admin panel to see all the app's statistics, latest recordings and update your plan

How Does this Help Shopify Store Owners?

The more information you have about your customers, the more you can improve your site and therefore, increase your conversions - it's simple: better user experience = better conversions. By truly understanding your customer's journey, you can see where you're going wrong by deducing where customers are dropping off and why. This macro level of user experience analysis is something that has never been used on Shopify before and boasts the unique ability to help owners see exactly how users interact with every element of their site.

The ultimate aim of Hindsight is to infuse our customers with the idea of constantly improving their sites through this constant, incredibly genuine and unique customer response tracker.

What Benefit Does it Give to Us?

Not only did we create this app exclusively for Shopify owners, but for ourselves too. By giving our clients the chance to use Hindsight, we are able to work with them to identify where any issues are and then get on to fixing them. Every recording we view at this incredibly intricate level of analysis, helps us learn; each time our understanding of user experience becomes deeper.

Where Can I Get it?

Head to the Shopify App Store to get your hands on our pretty impressive (if we do say so ourselves) Hindsight app which offers unlimited possibilities to improving your user experience and conversion rates.

If you would like any changes made to your site as a result of using Hindsight, we would love to hear from you! Please drop our small changes man, Ian an email at:

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