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Improve Ecommerce Conversion With These Awesome Tips

Posted By Jason Stokes

The online shopping industry is an extremely competitive one. Unlike a physical shop, customers have far more choice about where they spend their money. They can flit from site to site quickly comparing deals and shopping carts. That is why it is extremely important to have your site conversion friendly. Make sure there is nothing stopping your customers hitting that “checkout” button. We have put together an essential checklist of points that will improve ecommerce conversion. Shall we see how your site adds up?

Keep Your Website Design Simple

Flashy gif graphics and too many bright colours are a thing of the past and make ecommerce stores look dated. Modern stores have moved towards sleek and not distracting design where products are the key focus. Think of ASOS as a perfect example. It is simple, sleek and easy to navigate even though the product selection is huge. When a visitor lands on your site they need to immediately understand the layout and how to navigate the website. If a customer cannot navigate the menu and interact with the site they will click off and find a competitor that offers a more user friendly experience. This could impact on your bounce rate and therefore your Search Engine Optimisation too. If you are finding it difficult to set up the structure of your site then invest in a professional web designer to help. It could really help improve ecommerce conversion.

If you are looking to learn more about what makes a great Shopify web designer, you can check out our blog post here.

Great Product Photography

As mentioned in the previous point, your web design should be kept simple and easy to navigate. The product images should be allowed to speak for themselves without being overshadowed. That is why you need fantastic product photography to really sell your goods. Blurry or small photographs are one of the easiest ways to put a customer off. Including professional pictures alongside a seamless zoom function on a product page will give a boost when trying to improve ecommerce conversion rates. For Shopify we recommend the Magic Tool Box app, available for $69 in the app store.

Include FREE Shipping To Improve Ecommerce Conversion

I cannot stress the importance of supplying free shipping as a conversion method. A recent E-tailing Group study revealed that unconditional free shipping is the number one criteria users look at when making a purchase (73% listed it as a critical factor).In another study 93% of respondents indicated that free shipping on orders would encourage them to purchase more products. High shipping costs were rated as the number one reason why consumers were not satisfied with their online shopping experience. Try to incorporate delivery costs into the price of your products if you are worried about losing out.

Quick Checkout Process

Make it as easy as possible for a user to complete the conversion by making the checkout process as streamlined as possible. That means analysing it from a customer point of view and taking out any extra steps. There are multiple ways you can do this in an ecommerce store. Do not make it a necessity to create an account to purchase goods, however having the option to create an account will make the process quicker for repeat customers. There is a nifty invention now called social sign in. This means you can install a function where your customer can log in with their Facebook details. Shopify has an app for that called Social Login which is free for one week and 9 dollars per month thereafter.

Have a social site to improve ecommerce conversion

Making sure your ecommerce store is connected to all your social channels is key for boosting conversion rates. Make sure that your social media profiles are easy to locate from the website. This builds trust within the brand. Consumers love social media and take every chance they can to interact with brands that they are interested in. Making it simple for visitors to “Like” and “Follow” your social profiles is also a great tactic for remarketing efforts. There are loads of apps available in Shopify to easily install social and sharing buttons.

Payment gateways

Make sure you have a number of ways to pay available on your ecommerce site. It is also a good idea to display what payments you accept in the footer of your store. There is nothing more annoying than filling up a shopping cart, getting to checkout and realising you have left your wallet at home. Having limited payment methods gives customers a similar feeling but in the virtual world. Not only will the customer not convert but they will be left with a bad impression of the site in general. Utilise a decent payment gateway and you will improve ecommerce conversion.

Complete contact information

It is amazing how many ecommerce stores do not provide contact information. It is absolutely essential to cement the trust of your visitors by providing more than faceless contact form. An email address, physical address, telephone number and even Google map placement should be ready to view in snippets around the site and on the dedicated contact page.

Have clear reviews on site

Reviews from legitimate customers are one of the biggest converters in an ecommerce store. A 2010 study by The Nielsen Company confirmed what we already know – people read reviews and decide by them. Nearly 60 percent of online shoppers said they consult reviews prior to purchasing consumer electronics and 40 percent of online shoppers claimed that they would not even buy electronics without seeking reviews about the product online first. Start gathering reviews on your Shopify site with an app such as YotPo. YotPo easily integrates into any Shopify store and automatically emails your customers at a set time after purchase, asking them to leave a review. Yotpo also shoppers to write their review directly in their email inbox, making it super-easy for them to leave feedback.

The boring paperwork bit

An e-commerce site should have a complete terms of service (TOS) page that explains things such as return and exchange policies so customers know where they stand. It is also a good idea for any website that collects information to have a visible privacy policy that explains what happens to the users information once submitted. Consumers want to make sure that their information is safe and will not to be sold or transferred. Shopify actually provide generated ones for their customers so there is no need to spend precious hours writing them out!

Consider remarketing

There are various levels of remarketing available. If a customer’s mouse hovers over the exit button then Shopify app, Exit Offers, well show them a special discount code before they leave the site without purchasing. These can also be set up as one-time coupons so are unique to the customer and cannot be shared around the internet. There are also other various remarketing efforts such as targeted newsletters and setting up an AdRoll campaign. We already have lengthy articles that cover these topics if you are interested.

To find out about how to set up an ecommerce newsletter click here, or for more info on AdRoll campaigns then please click here.

Keep a blog which is informative

By creating a blog that has interesting information in regards to your niche, it means people will use your website as a source rather than just a shop. Fashion brands should work on creating “followable” blogs that have news, reviews and tips rather than just “sales.” Your blog represents your brand and the ideals that your customers look up to so make sure you represent it.

Get a Live Chat Widget

Even emails are too timely for most customers! They want to shop now and are not going to wait an hour for your customer service team to reply. Deal with inquiries in the timeliest fashion possible by installing a LIVE chat widget on your page. When a potential customer has a question about a product you stand a much better chance to improve ecommerce conversion if you answer that question immediately and while they are still on the website. For Shopify stores we recommend Tidio chat which is free to install and has all the basic features you need. You can unlock more features by paying a small subscription fee.

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Shopify Conversion Checklist

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