Instagram Trends for 2022

Instagram Trends for 2022

Check out 'Instagram Trends for 2022' - the first Trend Report from Instagram! It looks at Gen-Z’s interests across music, fashion, creators, celebrities, beauty, social justice and more.

Written by Jason Stokes

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Instagram Trends for 2022 - The first Trend Report from Instagram!

For the first time ever, Instagram has announced a Trends Report for the next year, based on Gen-Z’s interests across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebrities, beauty, social justice and more. Being able to adapt your socials according to these results will be essential when reaching a consumer audience that is increasingly demanding: Generation Z.

The young adults born after 1995 are now a very strong audience and are dictating cultural and behavioural trends in the market, which influence the delivery of products and services.

Learn now what Instagram is saying about 2022.

Fashion & Beauty

Maximalist Fashion x Minimalist Beauty. Young people are making bold moves with style choices while becoming more aware of what they put on their bodies. The platform said 50% of teens and young adults are going to dip their toes into bold fashion trends in the next year and that 1 in 3 young people are interested in learning more about and buying "clean" makeup and skincare.


Ecommerce has seen huge growth in 2021, but in 2022 brands will have to step up their game. Over 50% of young people interested in new shopping experiences are shopping on Instagram, so Organic Social is going to be key! Over 1 in 4 teens and young adults are expecting to shop directly through their social media feeds and special in-app features.

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Music and Dance

Short-form video is here to stay. The new way to produce and consume content is changing the way people discover music, and the musical experiences are set to increase on new music platforms like Instagram. Introducing and enhancing dynamic content on the feed is a must for brands.

Creators & Celebrities

Creators are the new celebrities. According to the report, 83% of young audiences believe that creators are at least as influential as influencers. Micro-influencers' value was also reaffirmed, by the result of 1 in 4 young adults agreeing that ‘micro-influencers with loyal and highly engaged audiences are most important when creating new trends’. Now 4 out of 5 teens and young people agree that "social media and other online celebrities have more influence on culture than traditional celebrities like actors”.

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Career & Education

9 out of 10 in Generation Z believe the best learning comes from real-world experiences, and given the cost of higher education, they are seriously considering taking alternative, less academic routes. 71% of them agree they'd rather have a "meaningful" job even if it means they make less money. The opportunity for modern education brands and alternative learning is really big now that this audience is taking their fates into their own hands.


Cooking at home became very popular again during the pandemic, but this trend is still thriving! The new gastronomy habits are here to stay since a lot of people are continuing to invest in experimenting in their kitchen by trying out complex recipes and cooking techniques.


Mental health and wellness has gone beyond the inner self. Young people are connecting and rethinking how life choices can impact emotional wellbeing. At-home workouts for 2022 are significantly more popular among Instagram users at 48%, compared to Non-Instagram users at 34%, so the opportunity for fitness brands and professionals to keep delivering this content and nurturing this community is huge!


The boom of video games isn't slowing down anytime soon, according to Instagram's report. About 3 in 10 teens and young adults expect to live stream others playing video games in 2022, and 40% expect to see more trends in this niche in the next year.


We all know that social media is often used as an escape valve for everyday life. Sharing light-hearted content is a great way to grab the audience's attention and have them interact with your brand. Memes are a great alternative due to their high chances of being relatable.

Social Justice

Younger Instagram users are involved and engaged with social matters. 52% followed social justice accounts on social media through 2021, reinforcing the importance of social media when it comes to sharing information and promoting activism. The report shows that Instagram users are more likely to have voted in local / state / national elections: 18% compared to non-users at 6%. This trend is extremely powerful and won't slow down. In fact, the platform bets they'll be increasing their efforts to make a change in the issues they feel deserve their time, attention and money.

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