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Shopify Pricing: What is the Best Shopify Pricing Plan for You?

By Jason Stokes / Posted

If your 14 day trial run of Shopify is now up and you have decided to stay with Shopify because you've realised how great Shopify is for your business's e-commerce presence, but are confused over the Shopify pricing options, this article is here to clarify any confusion.

Shopify has many different pricing plans that can be suited for many different businesses and it can be hard to understand which one is the right one to meet your business's e-commerce needs. However confusing the Shopify's pricing options may be, Shopify make up for it by being the only e-commerce platform to give their customers so much pricing variety.

If you're a new business or if your business is doing so well that you need to upgrade your plan, you may be wondering which Shopify pricing plan is best for you and your business.

Shopify's Different Pricing Plans

Shopify pricing
Here are the Shopify plans as they stand at the moment: - Basic $29/month + 2.9% and 20p per transaction

  • Shopify $79/month + 2.7% and 20p per transaction
  • Advanced Shopify $299/month + 2.4% and 20p per transaction

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The features of Shopify's Pricing Plans

As demonstrated above, there are three major Shopify pricing plans available to buy Basic, Professional and Unlimited. Each plan includes 6 standard features: - Unlimited products allowed to be listed on your store

  • 24/7 support on the phone, via email and in the forum from the Shopify customer service team
  • No transaction fees (when using Shopify's own payment gateway)
  • Fraud analysis tools to alert you when there is the possibility of fraudulent orders
  • Shopify POS when checking out

The only difference between these plans is that the more expensive plans include more features: The Shopify Plan:- Gift cards

  • Professional reports
  • Abandoned cart recovery

The Advanced Shopify Plan:- Gift cards

  • Professional reports
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Advanced report builder
  • Real-time carrier shipping

If you are just starting up your business, we recommend that you start with the basic plan and slowly move up plans if your e-commerce store requires better features and your sales and revenue prove that you can afford to.

Here's our recommendation:

If your revenue is from $0 $17,000 then you should stick with the Basic Plan.

From $17,000 to $33,350 you should move up to the Professional Plan.

Over $33,350 you should upgrade to the Unlimited Plan.

Understanding the Shopify Charges

There are a few different Shopify pricing charges that need to be considered before going ahead with a certain plan or upgrading to another plan:

  1. Monthly Pricing Plan Charge

The main cost of the plan is the monthly rate that you will have to pay for it. This may sound simple enough to understand but you will need to think about whether you can afford to pay 'x' amount of money for the plan each month. Your sales also need to be considered when deciding. The charge for plans differ quite between one another because each plan includes different features. You should decide whether your e-commerce store will require all the added features that we discussed previously and if you can afford to have these. Similarly, another major part to the monthly pricing that you really need to think about is the commission that Shopify take.

  1. The Transaction/Commission Charge

The transaction or commission charge should be your top consideration when deciding on which pricing plan you want to choose. If your store is earning quite a lot in revenue each month, then it may be beneficial for you to pay for a Professional or Unlimited pricing plan as there is a much lower commission rate.

  1. The 20p on every sale charge

There is a standard 20p sale charge on each one of Shopify's pricing plans. This added charge covers Shopify's fees if you are selling smaller or lower value products. This fee cannot be changed and is permanently placed on top of each product no matter which plan you decide to go with.

  1. The payment gateway charge

Another consideration you need to think about it is which payment gateway your store is going to use. Some can charge much more than others with Paypal, World Pay and Sage Pay being some of the most popular options. However, Shopify recently introduced Shopify payments which keeps costs down for store owners.

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