Shopify Pricing: Which Shopify Pricing Plan is best for You?

Shopify Pricing: Which Shopify Pricing Plan is best for You?

Want to find out which Shopify price plan is best? Here's the ultimate guide to choosing the right Shopify price package for your business.

Written by Jason Stokes

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Need to choose a Shopify Price Plan?

If your 14 day Shopify trial has ended and you’ve decided that Shopify is the right ecommerce platform for you and your business, you’ll need to take a look at the price plans on offer. Here at Eastside Co, we believe that Shopify is the best platform to grow your ecommerce business, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide on which Shopify price plan to choose. The information applies to UK Shopify pricing as well as internationally.

Shopify has a tiered pricing structure which means merchants can choose the one most appropriate to the size of their business at the time. As businesses grow, it is easy to switch to the next Shopify price tier, moving from Shopify Lite all the way up to Shopify Plus.

If you're a new business or you’re going through a period of growth and you need to upgrade your plan, you may be wondering which Shopify pricing plan is best for you and your business.

Shopify's Different Pricing Plans

Shopify pricing

Shopify pricing

Here is a breakdown of the cost of each shopify pricing plan. (If you’re wondering about UK Shopify pricing, the monthly subscription fees are billed in US dollars with credit card fees billed in your selected currency.)

  • Shopify Lite: $9/month
  • Shopify Basic: $29/month + 2.2% and 20p per online transaction (or 1.7% and 0p in-person credit card rate)
  • Shopify: $79/month + 1.9% and 20p per transaction (or 1.6% and 0p in-person credit card rate)
  • Advanced Shopify: $299/month + 1.6% and 20p per transaction (or 1.5% and 0p in-person credit card rate)

What is the Shopify Lite Pricing Plan?

Shopify Lite is the starter Shopify package. It is for smaller businesses who want to add Shopify functionality to social media accounts, or to add ‘buy’ buttons to an existing website or blog such as on your WordPress site. Facebook messenger is also included in Shopify Lite and gives a customer support element to the service.

The idea of the Lite plan is to add functionality to your existing site or blog, as opposed to it being a fully fledged Shopify store in its own right.

What is the Shopify Basic Pricing Plan?

‘All the basics for starting a new business.’ The Shopify basic price plan is the minimum option you’ll need to set up your own ecommerce store. You’re getting a Shopify-hosted store and blog functionality. It includes the ability to sell an unlimited number of products, gives you Shopify’s fraud risk analysis tool, the ability to add discount codes to your store, a, a free SSL certificate a free SSL certificate to make sure your transactions are secure, and 24/7 support.

How much does Shopify Basic cost?

The basic plan costs $29 a month. (Roughly £22 for the equivalent UK Shopify pricing). Shopify also take a 2.2% cut of each online sale, and 20p.

To put this into perspective, eBay charge a 10% fee of the full amount you were paid, including shipping. Paypal then charges 3.4% + 20p. Amazon charges a minimum of 7% and a maximum of 45% depending on the item. Shopify has some of the lowest fees in the industry, allowing you to have complete control over your profits.

This is a great option for those merchants who want a great looking and fully functional online store, but are happy to go without some of the features in the Shopify Plan.

What is the Shopify Pricing Plan?

‘Everything you need for a growing business.’ This is the most popular Shopify price plan. It comes with 24/7 support, Shopify’s fraud risk tool, discount codes and your free SSL certificate. The difference is abandoned shopping cart recovery. You can capture the contact details of people who showed an interest in your products but didn’t ultimately buy, and then follow up with them later via an email including a discount code or reminder to try and close the sale.

Depending on your product prices, most of the time one or two recovered sales made in this way will cover the price difference between the Shopify Plan and Shopify Basic.

How much does the Shopify plan cost?

The Shopify plan costs $79 a month (or around £60 in the UK) and shopify takes 1.9% of each transaction, plus the 20p.

This may seem like a pretty big jump from the Shopify Basic plan, but recovering those shopping carts is extremely effective and valuable. According to Shopify and the Baymard Institute, the results of over 40 studies in the years between 2012 and 2019 show that 69.89% of online transactions end with an abandoned shopping cart. Shopping cart recovery is an ideal way of taking potential customers and converting them. As a guide, if your store brings in over $5,000 per month, this plan is definitely worth considering.

What is the Shopify Advanced Pricing Plan?

‘Advanced features for scaling your business.’ The Shopify Advanced package is a scaled up version of the core Shopify plan. The main additions are 15 staff accounts and third party shipping calculation. This is for businesses that ship so many products that they want to outsource delivery. You also have access to advanced reporting. Again, this is for stores that sell a lot of products, and want to generate data for specific collections or types of products.

How much does the Shopify Advanced plan cost?

The Shopify Advanced plan is $299 a month (Shopify pricing UK equivalent is around £230) with a 1.6% charge and 20p on every transaction.

You are getting a lot for your money. This is for established businesses that have achieved a certain amount of ecommerce success, and want to grow further. It is a great option for those companies that are selling in volume and need a third party to take care of product shipping. We’d recommend considering this option if you fit that criteria and have inbound monthly revenue of over $10,000.

What is Shopify Plus and how much does it cost?

‘Enterprise-grade solutions for high volume merchants, and large businesses.’ With the Plus solution, there aren’t transaction fees. For Shopify Plus pricing plans, there isn’t a standard price as with the other tiers; it’s scoped and quoted on a case by case basis. However, as an indicator, the Shopify Plus pricing starts at around $2,000 per month. As one of the original Shopify Plus Partners, Eastside Co has the expertise and seal of approval from Shopify to work with merchants on creating their Shopify Plus stores.

When to change your Shopify plan.

If you are just starting up your business, we recommend that you start with the Shopify Basic price plan and slowly move up plans if your ecommerce store requires better features and your sales and revenue prove that you can afford to. If you already own a store and you want to switch to Shopify, because it is cheaper and packed with great features, then take a look at our recommendations.

Which Shopify plan is the best for you?

  • If your monthly revenue is from $0 to $5,000 then you should stick with the Basic Plan.
  • From $5,000 per month you should move up to the Shopify Plan.
  • Over $10,000 you should consider upgrading to the Advanced Plan.

What are the Shopify fees and charges?

There are a few different Shopify pricing fees that need to be considered before going ahead with a certain plan or upgrading to another plan:

Monthly Pricing Plan Charge

The main cost of the plan is the monthly rate that you will have to pay for it. The charge for plans differ quite a lot between one another because each plan includes different features. You should decide whether your ecommerce store will require all the added features discussed in this article, and if it makes financial sense to include these. Similarly, another element of the monthly pricing that you need to consider is the commission that Shopify take.

Shopify Transaction Fees and Commission Charges

The transaction or commission charge should be your top consideration when deciding on which pricing plan you want to choose. If your store is earning quite a lot in revenue each month, then it may be beneficial for you to pay for a core Shopify plan or the Shopify Advanced pricing plan, as there is a much lower commission rate.

What is the UK Shopify 20p charge? (or 30 cents if you’re in the US)

There is a standard 20p sale charge on each one of Shopify's pricing plans (or 30 cents in the US). This added charge covers Shopify's fees if you are selling smaller or lower value products. This fee cannot be changed and is permanently placed on top of each product no matter which plan you decide to go with.

Choosing a payment gateway

Another consideration is which payment gateway your store is going to use. Shopify has Shopify payments which keeps costs down for store owners. If you have a Shopify store and use Shopify payments, you don't pay a fee regardless of your price package. Here’s a breakdown of third party charges.

  • Paypal - Paypal charge 3.4% + 20p.
  • Worldpay - Worldpay charge 2.75% + 20p
  • Sagepay - Sagepay have three price plans, £19.95/month for up to 350 transactions, £45/month for 500 transactions, and a bespoke pricing plan for bigger companies.

Shopify Apps

As you can see from the features listed in the various Shopify price plans, the platform has a lot of native functionality. However, there is also a thriving apps community, thanks to the worldwide network of app developers and Shopify agencies. If you check out the Shopify app store you’ll find hundreds of free and paid apps to enhance and personalise your store in a whole host of ways. Eastside Co have built a range of apps to do just that. It’s worth considering the many apps available as part of your store’s running costs, as while many are free, some of the apps are purchased on a subscription basis.

You should now have a good idea about the different levels of Shopify pricing available, and the features included within each tier. If you need any further advice about Shopify, website design, development, app support or marketing strategies, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help!

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