We’re opening a new office… in Dubai!

We’re opening a new office… in Dubai!

Eastside Co takes its ecommerce expertise to Dubai, providing entrepreneurs with a means of selling their goods online.

Written by Jason

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We’re already the UK’s #1 Shopify agency here at Eastside Co, but we’ve got our sights set on more than being the best in Britain. Our client base is already international, and with offices in Birmingham, London and New York, it makes sense for us to expand into more regions where our clients are based. This is why we have our sights set on Dubai. CEO, Jason Stokes is heading out there at the end of this week to further cement Eastside Co’s role as a leading ecommerce web designer in the city and in the surrounding areas of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. As a technical leaders and pioneers, Jason and the rest of us here at Eastside Co are poised and ready to be at the forefront of this exciting evolution and opportunity for ecommerce expansion.

For us, this is about helping local traders and entrepreneurs, however big or small, to reach their full potential. Jason is taking his expertise and the specialism that Eastside Co offer into a region that doesn’t have access to a highly effective online platform for selling goods and services.

Distinguished business man in the region, Mansour Matrody, recognised our huge scope to make a difference. Now working alongside ESC as a Director of Business Development in the region.

"Due to my previous roles in Saudi Development Bank, and after many years of working closely with some SMEs in Saudi Arabia, I realized the lack of e-commerce experts in the region; many startups have struggled to find a reliable partner to provide them with e-commerce services.”

“In addition, the recent economic changes will create many new e-commerce opportunities in the near future, so I think it is the right time for ESC to engage with local businesses to provide them with premium services and enhance their online appearance. ESC has significant experience in its field and because of this, I am sure they will become a major player and leading force in the region very soon.”
Mansour Matrody - Eastside Co Director of Business Development in Dubai

Jason, our ambitious and entrepreneurial CEO, has built a 40-strong team of experts and specialists with insatiable ambition, and working alongside Mansour Matrody, we are set to be an unstoppable force in Dubai.

“Starting from the initial ideas and concept all the way through to end payments and logistic solutions, Eastside Co will provide their local clients with the ultimate support package based on their needs. With the partnership of Mansour I truly believe that Eastside Co are the best placed agency to drive forward the market and in turn create high potential business opportunities for other businesses and affiliates in the area. My team and I warmly welcome interested parties to make contact with our agency to further develop potential opportunities.” Jason Stokes - CEO of Eastside Co

As our first steps in the region, we are lining up several highly reputed clients in Dubai, starting with household name Dunkin’ Donuts, redeveloping their existing website and building a bespoke e-commerce site with the best-in-class consumer focussed design. We look forward to working with an ever increasing number of new clients in the area over the coming months, as Jason identifies Eastside Co’s next promising geographical move on the globe.

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