Tutorial: How to Integrate Shopify and Mailchimp

If you want to know how to add MailChimp to your Shopify store then this video is exactly what your email marketing needs are asking for. This insightful clip gives a step-by-step break down of the quick and easy way you can add MailChimp to your Shopify store without getting into an awkward Shopify mess! And, for all you out there who have not thought about adding MailChimp to your store then this video will sway your opinion as this is great to increase sales by retargeting customers to your store who have signed up for newsletter and special offers.


How To Write Good Ecommerce Product Descriptions That Sell

As an ex-journalist, I know the power of language and how it can be used properly to both inform and influence people. This has helped me immensely when writing website copy for numerous brands at Shopify Builder. One of the biggest challenges for store owners can be ecommerce product descriptions. This task can be a tedious and frustrating one. If you are unfamiliar with writing copy then a store owner can lack inspiration when faced with an empty box. How do you capture an audience and explain the excellence of your product from the get-go? Especially when you consider that product descriptions are a critical part of your brand’s online presence. They set the tone of your brand, are crucial for SEO purposes and also promote higher conversion rates. There is no real set way to write ecommerce product descriptions. However there are a few tips and tricks to make it an easier and more successful process:

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Improving Social Outreach On Your eCommerce Store

Social media is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of your eCommerce store. If social media is used properly then it is the ideal marketing tool. Social media allows for building and raising awareness of your brand. Through social media, it allows for your brand to be spread through word of mouth, as well as this through social media you are able to keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand. By using social media in the right way it will allow for your eCommerce store to reach to potential customers.

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eBay Alternatives: Import Your eBay Store To Shopify Easily


eBay has been one of the leading online marketplaces for as long as we care to remember.  It’s success is partly to do with it’s age. eBay began in 1994, a time where selling online was a new idea. Many businesses at this point had just utilised the internet for message sending and advertising properties. However rumours have it that the “golden age” of eBay are quickly coming to end. Our Shopify experts have analyzed the reasons why more and more sellers are now looking for self hosted shops as an eBay alternative.

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Ecommerce Inspiration: Great Tactics of Stores That Use Christmas To Drive Sales

The Christmas period is always a time to pick up great sources of eCommerce inspiration. The festivities are a great time to really promote your eCommerce store and get the sales rolling in. Savvy eCommerce store owners will have their Christmas strategies in place from October time. If you are a shop owner who has missed the boat this year, do not fear! Shopify Builder is here to give you some Christmas eCommerce inspiration that will get you all set for thinking up great strategies for next year. Here are a run down of some top tactics of stores that have really got the sales rolling for Christmas 2014 and beyond.

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Customer Retention Strategies For Ecommerce Store Owners

It is undoubtedly easier to get past customers to re-purchase from your store than it is to sell to new customers – and cheaper, too. According to a recent statistic by Lee Resource Inc, it costs on average five times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain existing customers, yet hardly enough focus is stressed on the importance of customer retention.

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