Force Fitness Email Marketing

Welcome to chapter 6 of our Force Fitness case study, where we look at how we implemented email marketing to help get this new brand off to a flying start.

Creative Communications

With the Eastside Co team involved in all aspects of the design and development of this brand, our approach was united and offered a high level of creative input into how email marketing looks and feels, from template design and setup to ongoing campaigns and automation development. 

For launch, we completed the full setup of the Klaviyo account, implemented tracking and full integration with the Shopify site. Our Email Marketing Specialist and Design Team worked together to design bold email templates, in line with brand guidelines and alongside dynamic designed elements to bring the templates to life. The results have been really strong and have been key in supporting the wider marketing efforts of the business.

Automated Flows

From this, we launched with three foundational automated flows - Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart and Post Purchase, before expanding to also include Abandoned Browse messaging. In line with tone of voice, communication within these messages is designed to build brand reputation, reinforce quality and strength of product and of community, and push for FOMO and a sense of urgency throughout the abandoned cart. As is standard with ecommerce brands, automated flows are particularly effective as they react directly with a customer (or potential customer’s) actions, meaning they are reached at a key touchpoint in their journey.

Segmented Campaigns

In order to engage, educate, update, and build a community, we develop a monthly campaign plan, targeting segments of the newsletter list with bold messaging. Since launch, we’ve run a number of campaign promotions, covering Black Friday sales, sale extensions for highly engaged and abandoned carts, shared blog content in easily digestible formats, upsold add-on products (plate upgrade sets), pushed weighted vests as a Christmas gift, new year promotions, offered motivation, promoted giveaways, built momentum around new product drops and more.

In order to grow our subscriber base, we implemented a bold sign-up form with a version optimised for desktop and mobile engagement. By offering the opportunity to win a weighted vest on a monthly basis, we excite potential customers and encourage them to sign up to be in with a chance of winning.

Force Fitness Email Capture Form

Email Results

We’ve scaled the master list rapidly over the first three months of business, and are continuing to maintain steady growth.

After integrating with Facebook Ads Manager, we set up custom audiences to use in paid social remarketing efforts as well as generating new signup leads to build our subscription list. Facebook Custom Audiences such as repeat customers and high rollers allows us locate similar customers on Facebook and Instagram, and target them with advertisements.

In just 4 months:

- The Abandoned Cart flow has recovered over £7.3k lost sales

- Email owned revenue has accounted for 10% of total sales revenue for Force Fitness, with automated flows making up 8 of this 10%

- Campaigns rated ‘good’ by Klaviyo in terms of conversion rate and click through rate (in comparison to peers within the same industry category)

- Flows rated ‘good’ by Klaviyo in terms of click through rate and unsubscribe rate

- Grown subscriber list from 0 to over 1,800 highly engaged subscribers.

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