Force Fitness PPC

Welcome to chapter 3 of our Force Fitness case study. PPC and Google Shopping campaigns helped grow brand awareness and get it in front of potential customers from day one.

PPC helped Force Fitness get in front of potential customers from day one while the SEO activity was working to grow organic visibility. With lockdown and home workout training representing a new market with rapid growth, Force Fitness had the opportunity to really dominate and become ‘a force to be reckoned with’. 

The majority of its existing competitors didn’t have the stock levels or digital presence compared to a new brand like Force Fitness, which presented a great opportunity. Breaking into the generic keyword space was important in order to grow Force Fitness in such a short period of time.

Thanks to superb product and lifestyle photography from our creative team, we had great visuals to lead with, which made Google Shopping a very effective tool. Continued optimisation of our feed quickly improved results faster than we expected, ramping up sales quickly.

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