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Eastside Co was involved with Force Fitness from day one; 

instrumental in every stage of its development: from its name and 

brand personality, to site design and launch, and the ongoing marketing strategy.

Find out how we developed the brand and helped make it a success.

Fit For Purpose

Force Fitness is a new UK and German fitness equipment and lifestyle brand, conceived during lockdown when gyms closed and home workouts enjoyed a huge surge in interest. It was the perfect time to launch a brand designed to help people keep fit.

The name needed to be impactful and convey a sense of strength. We wanted something that would translate into fitness and training - capturing the idea of physical and mental movement. 

A ‘force of nature’ was the concept that we felt would represent the brand ideals: movement; impact; waves; lightning; the launch of a rocket; a sense of momentum.

‘Force Fitness’ was born - it conveyed what we wanted succinctly, and aligned well with a militaristic sentiment, without alienating people looking to enhance their general fitness.

The sentiment for Force Fitness is that it helps members of the fitness community achieve more than they thought possible, both in the gym and in life. It’s aspirational: with these products, people realise they can do more than they thought they could. The purpose of the brand is to help them break through, with the power to achieve more.

Force Fitness
Creating a Brand

Brand Identity

Eastside Co was tasked with creating the brand identity for Force Fitness. We designed the logo as well as an icon for clothing and products, to capture the essence of the main logo while remaining recognisable on its own merits.

Once the brand guidelines had been defined, we wrote the Force Fitness communications system, including key statements for the website and marketing campaigns:

‘Move With Force’

‘Your Limit Is Your Challenge’

Force Lifestlye Photography

Content Strategy

We worked with Force on the content strategy to create a plan for purposeful content. By balancing long-term brand building with sales activations, we deployed a well-established principle of marketing effectiveness to build a brand that would connect and thrive. 

This process culminated in a long-term strategy document that provides a platform towards long-term success, and offers Creative Campaign ideas.

We commissioned a strengths and weakness analysis of the market and Force’s potential competitors in order to identify challenges and opportunities. As part of this we defined the brand’s audience and where the sweet spot for customers would be. We created brand pillars and a content framework to sell to this audience: ‘Hero’ (with big ideas to build the audience), ‘Engage’ (to remind the audience of the brand) and ‘Activate’ (to move them towards purchase).

The Shopify site was designed and launched incorporating film, lifestyle and product photography created by our in-house photographers at the Eastside Co Studio. We created aspirational lifestyle images to help potential customers envisage the Force products in their lives, moving them along the path to purchase.

The site, and future visual marketing campaigns, were elevated to the next level with inspirational photography to show products in context.

We also created clean, consistent and high quality product photography in our studio - people buy though imagery first, so this was key to build trust in the new brand to start growing sales.

Once the site was launched we were able to build awareness and grow the brand by deploying a full marketing strategy. Read more about how our integrated marketing strategy helped Force Fitness make gains in the market from day one:

Chapter 2: SEO Strategy

Chapter 3: Pay Per Click Advertising

Chapter 4: Organic Social Media Management (coming soon)

Chapter 5: Paid Social Media Management (coming soon)

Chapter 6: Email Marketing Strategy

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