Desert Steel

The Brand

Based in the US, Desert Steel was founded over two decades ago as a challenge to see if the beauty of nature could be replicated in steel form. 

In the years since, they’ve steadily grown their range of art that takes inspiration from plants and nature.

Desert Steel Shopify product page

The Challenge

Desert Steel needed a new website. They had recently launched a headless build, but it became clear it wasn’t the right vehicle for them. Its UX needed improvement, plus the site didn’t represent the brand, resonate with customers or adequately showcase their range of premium products.

desert steel shopify store product page


Desert Steel sought an experienced Shopify team to create their D2C platform as well as future-proof the store, enabling it to evolve and grow in line with the customer base. 

It was essential to give the brand’s ecommerce team the ability to easily and quickly develop the site with new features while taking full advantage of the solid ecommerce base and functionality that Shopify is renowned for. We partnered with them and provided guidance on everything from design and UX to suitable third party apps.

desert steel homepage on desktop and mobile

The Solution 

Our project management, design, development and QA teams worked together to create a beautiful store with an exceptional user experience to reflect the brand perfectly. 

We developed a store with storytelling and immersive experiences, one that reflects the premium, design-focused nature of the brand, guiding customers through the products and promoting the path to purchase.

desert steel ecommerce store on 2 mobile devices

Night and Day

We incorporated interactive elements into the site to help bring the products to life, like the day/night switcher which shows the products in situ in both a day and night-time setting, allowing the user to really visualise how the product could fit into and enhance their home environment.

desert steel day and night product comparison
desert steel shopify site on desktop and mobile

Encouraging Interest

The site includes elements that help keep visitors engaged and encourage further exploration. We integrated Swym’s wishlist functionality which lets visitors share wishlists with friends, nudge them with reminders about items they’ve added and bring them back with marketing campaigns.

Videos across the site and images that switch between before and after shots all add layers of interest to the site and help elevate the browsing experience into something more interactive and engaging.

desert steel cactus product page and size selector

Yard Sale

This section of the site really helps bring the products to life - a shot of a yard, populated with lots of the steel cacti available, all of which can be clicked to take you through to the specific product page.

It’s an elegant and beautiful way to demonstrate to customers how the products fit perfectly into the natural landscape, while providing another opportunity for them to click on their favourite piece and continue the purchase journey.

desert steel multi-product page

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desert steel shopify store on desktop and mobile
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