The Brand

MobilityPlus began in 2018 in a garage with just 15 electric wheelchairs, fuelled by a vision for providing individuals with quality, affordable powerchairs alongside unrivalled service and aftercare. 

From these modest beginnings, the brand has evolved into a leading provider of premium mobility aids, serving over 30,000 customers, with ambitious plans for growth.

mobilityplus shopify website homepage

The Challenge

The MobilityPlus website was four years old and throughout that time, the brand had seen significant growth. To help propel this trajectory, the decision was made to relaunch its ecommerce presence with a new Shopify store to reflect its position as one of the market leaders. 

As well as the need to modernise the design and UX of the store, there was a new range of products and additional services such as short-term product rental, all of which needed to be factored into the user journey and architecture of the site.

mobility plus wheelchair collection page

Easy To Navigate

Due to the nature of the product and target audience, it was important to make sure the products were easy to compare and had a straightforward path to purchase. The site had to be easily navigated and include the ability to increase average order value through accessories and other upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

mobilityplus product page on shopify store
mobilityplus homepage

The Solution

We designed and developed a new Shopify store for MobilityPlus using the proprietary framework which was created by our team of inhouse Shopify developers. This framework conforms to the latest standards required by Shopify which means it’s fast, robust and well-structured. It also promotes a standardised codebase and consistent way of working for all our developers - resulting in efficient and unified development practices.

mobilityplus search functionality on website

Built for Speed and Comfort

The framework is optimised for speed resulting in a built-for-purpose site with no code bloat.

Using this approach, we designed and launched a beautiful, bespoke website that’s easy to navigate, communicating effectively with the audience and making it easy to purchase.

mobilityplus cart screen on shopify store by eastside co

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