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Redefining Relevance in Retail

Built for retailers, Voyado unifies data and insights so marketers can really understand their customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle and make a more relevant customer experience for everyone.

Voyado’s solutions help brands harness the power of AI to automate putting the right products in front of the right customers, so marketing teams can shift their priorities to more important strategic tasks.

voyado engage app

Bringing Voyado to Brands Through a Shopify App

A solution was needed to sync data and integrate Voyado with Shopify stores, so Eastside Co’s app development team built a data-reporting app to align the two platforms for omnichannel loyalty and personalised customer communication.

The app syncs behavioural data from the merchant’s online store with Voyado, where they can store customer data, see customer behaviour, create dynamic emails, and more.

Once submitted to and approved by Shopify, the app was made available in the Shopify App Store for installation by any Shopify merchants who use Voyado.

voyado shopify app

Helping Merchants Increase Efficiency Through Apps

When the app is installed on a Shopify store, merchants can connect it with their Voyado account. Once connected and enabled, the app listens for events and automates syncing of relevant information from Shopify to Voyado. 

It gathers information such as customer details, order and purchase history, details of discount or promotion redemptions, any refunds that have been given, and order lifecycle events like fulfillments and cancellations.

App Configuration

The app is configured to listen to events with a combination of webhooks as well as a timestamp-based polling merchanism (using Shopify’s REST and GraphQL APIs). This combination allows us to track events more reliably as there is always a fallback in case something goes wrong, minimising disruption.

Once data is synced, these can be viewed on the Voyado portal and will then provide merchants with insights on customer transactions and activities, as well as promotions data.

By syncing behavioural data from the online store into the multichannel marketing platform Voyado Engage, it can be used to orchestrate experiences, in marketing channels, in-store and online.

voyado shopify app screenshot

Notable Features

App blocks are part of Shopify’s theme app extensions framework, allowing us to inject app code into the theme, giving the merchant full control over where blocks are placed. Continual updates and maintenance to app blocks are a breeze with the Shopify CLI which allows us to manage and deploy code to extensions with a run of a command.

Merchants can enable the drag and drop ‘Promotions and Loyalty’ app blocks (a feature specific to merchants using Shopify 2.0) within their theme, which displays non-redeemed vouchers and promotions for the logged in customer. 

If the customer is not logged in and is purchasing as a guest, they can access the storefront via an identified link (known as a soft identification link, which can be enabled by the customer via an app embed block - another OS 2.0 feature).

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App Benefits

The app block, when viewed from the storefront, will retrieve customer-specific data.

The app enables merchants to:

  • store all customer data in one single platform with multi-market support

  • boost engagement with personal omnichannel offers and increase conversion

  • create dynamic and hyper-segmented emails

  • get in-depth details about customer behaviours

The toolbox includes member levels, points, and rewards to increase customer loyalty.

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If It Doesn’t Exist, We Can Make It

If you need any bespoke back-end solutions, our experienced team of app developers can take a brief and turn it into reality. From publicly available Shopify apps like Voyado’s, to custom apps that are designed and built to order, to enhance functionality on a single store, we have the knowledge to create custom functionality, apps or payment gateways. Hit the button below to get in touch and start the conversation.

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