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The Brand

Established in 2013, Olivia May is the ultimate shopping destination for niche international and UK fashion designers. Providing effortless fashion for contemporary women, this on and offline boutique sells luxury womenswear, footwear and accessories.

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The Challenge

The client’s ecommerce store was already on the Shopify platform but was in need of a refresh in terms of design, UX, speed and functionality. The brief stipulated that the new site needed to be smarter, sharper, and streamlined, with an overall objective of future proofing the site so it could be updated and expanded in the future.

After numerous problems with the old site, a smooth, easy and simple purchase process was needed. It was important to keep the option for 4 currencies: GBP, Euro, US dollars and Australian dollars.

Refining the cart page was also essential as it wasn’t delivering an optimum customer experience. 

olivia may ecommerce store showing woman wearing double breasted blue coat

Review and Refine

Through a rebuild on Shopify 2.0 we had a great opportunity to streamline the site when it came to plugins and apps. We strongly recommended that the currently installed 3rd Party Shopify apps were reviewed. Several had been added to the incumbent site over time, some of which cost money, and some had become redundant but were still injecting scripts into the storefront, slowing the site down.

For example, the collection filter was using the Power Tools app - the relaunched site would remove the need for this, as Shopify 2.0 handles the functionality of the box.

Similarly, the mega menu was using a third party Shopify app that was causing the client issues - it was difficult to navigate and use. The new site would allow it to be rendered via native theme code.

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olivia may shopify store on desktop and mobile

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olivia may on mobile and desktop womenswear store
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