Patrick Mavros

Brand Overview

Patrick Mavros is an African family business, whose luxury products and experiences represent a safari of adventure, romance and above all, unquestionable quality.

The Brief

Patrick Mavros approached Eastside Co to manage their migration to Shopify Plus. Their site had been hosted on WordPress, but the time was right to choose a partner to upgrade them to a more scalable platform. Shopify Plus and Eastside Co were the perfect choice. We were tasked with creating bespoke new design and functionality, with a major focus towards improving UX.

Patrick Mavros

What we did

Key Features

We used cutting-edge technology, creating 3D models to take advantage of Shopify’s augmented reality functionality. This gives customers the ability to take that 3D object and place it in their current environment. It effectively gives online shoppers a chance to “try before they buy” and see how an item would look in their home, for example.

The collection page is a key area of any ecommerce website, and we took extra care to enhance this to encourage exploration and purchase. The page is dynamic and flexible, with the ability to change the size of products to emphasise specific items and make the layout more interesting.

  • Patrick Mavros Shopify Product Page
  • Patrick Mavros Augmented Reality on Shopify

Content-Rich Strategy

Patrick Mavros is a brand that can tell great stories, and engaging with its audience through content creates a real sense of belonging. Blogs and articles are a great way for a brand to communicate with their audience. We took the blog section and enabled custom blocks which gives the articles a much more dynamic feel. With imagery such an important part of this brand, the article configuration allows them to be displayed for maximum impact.

Patrick Mavros Desktop

Thoughtful, engaging functionality

In addition to the main key features, we also built in some more subtle functionality which enhances the user experience and increase engagement. For example, we created the bespoke ‘add a gift card’ section in the cart page so customers can add a personal touch to their gifts.

The ‘Heritage’ page is also beautifully designed to tell the brand story in a visual way with a custom, animated timeline featuring reveal animations and parallax.

We also made sure the site was fast and incorporated Ajax page loading so the site only loads the content that’s visible, rather than the entire page at once. This makes for a better and more streamlined user experience.

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