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Transport for the Future

Not just any electric scooter brand, Solar Scooters offer revolutionary transportation for those looking for new ways to move. Solar Scooters aims to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream by offering the ultimate in comfort and style, replacing traditional and less environmentally friendly forms of transportation.

Solar Scooters

New Branding for a Luxury Product

Eastside Co worked with the team at Solar Scooters to help them realise their potential. The team wanted a new website and re-brand which would allow them to achieve a luxury Tesla-like aesthetic to stand out in the electric scooter market. As part of this re-brand we needed to strip everything back to basics and transform the existing branding into something much more luxurious. The sleek monochromatic look was created to provide a contemporary yet futuristic look and feel for the brand. 

Solar Scooters Showroom

Build Bespoke Scooters with the Product Configurator 

The aim wasn’t only to offer luxury when travelling - Solar needed the Shopify website to provide a sleek, seamless experience from the initial customer contact, through to purchase and beyond. 

Bespoke Scooters

One of the key elements was a bespoke product configurator. This innovative solution allows customers to build their scooters based on individual requirements. Each additional feature comes with its own information light box, offering insight into the exclusive features and elements of the scooter.  From tyres to saddles - customers can configure their scooter to ensure it suits their exact lifestyle and needs.

See Products Come To Life

In addition to the information boxes, Solar Scooters allows customers to build their product with images which update in real-time as you select your different options. This gives customers a tangible feel for what the product will look like, leading them towards a purchase.

Product Configurator

Interactive Iconography

Another innovative feature is the interactive diagram, pinpointing the workings of the product. Our unique design was incorporated to highlight the many features, benefits, capabilities and components of the product. Using iconography and an interactive pin-point we enabled Solar Scooters to offer new ways of serving information to their customers, without creating a text heavy page which would detract from the sleek and stylish site design. 

Conveying Product Information
Solar Scooters Client Quote

Client-Focused Creative Control 

One of the key elements that we needed to consider was the future of the website. The team at Solar Scooters were keen to retain creative control, allowing them to update, amend and manage content over time as products change and evolve. To this end, we ensured that each element could be controlled by the client - from images to content, icons to sections.

A Sleek, Modern Style

Solar Scooters came to us to design and develop a website which embodied their sleek, modern and stylish brand, and enabled customers to build bespoke products based on their own needs. Through innovative design, pixel-perfect development and creative feature implementation, we made this vision a reality.

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