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E-commerce Round Up: E-commerce Expo 2015

Posted By Amrita Aujla

We have a very special edition of our weekly e-commerce round up this week, based on the much awaited E-commerce Expo 2015.

Olympia London officially opened up their doors for the world renowned E-commerce Expo 2015. The event promised to offer the widest range of e-commerce actors than any other UK industry event. With over 180 e-commerce technologies and product providers, the E-commerce Expo 2015 really pushed out all the stops and this year's event is definitely up there with some of our favourite Expo events.

Although, unfortunately we did not attend the E-commerce Expo this year we would just like to give you a few highlights of the event that many people have told us about.

Digital Marketing

A great topic around digital marketing, which is very close to our hearts, was discussed at the e-commerce event on Wednesday. Dr Dave Chaffney, CEO of a digital marketing company Smart Insights, discussed which digital marketing skills are the most popular and needed within e-commerce. He also talked about a great new free interactive digital benchmarking tool that can help businesses who are less familiar with digital marketing so they can find out which online skills they need to improve on to plug those digital skill gaps. A very interesting statistic was found out by the Smart Insights team, which was that 60% of marketer's time is spent on managing their digital marketing presence. Also an even more shocking statistic that was found was that 33% of businesses are not doing anything at all to optimise their conversion rate! With statistics like these, we are now more sure than ever before that digital marketing skills are in serious demand and somebody needs to plug all these holes in the e-commerce market.

Improving ROI

A very common theme went on within the E-commerce Expo this year which was a way to improve ROI with online ads. Many e-retailers went to the expo in search of some methods on how they can improve their return on investment for online ad spending, as at this moment in time it is too time consuming and expensive to develop in-house. Many SME's were looking for support and insight into how they can optimise their online ad spending in terms of ROI. In order for these SME's to continue driving efficiency and revenue from their online campaigns, they must go out and receive outside support from external consultancies.

Facebook and Instagram

The popularity of social media continues to grow and even businesses all over the world plan social media campaigns as a crucial part of their marketing strategies. However how is social media relevant to e-commerce? Well, it is said that 1 in 4 minutes on mobile in the UK is spent on Facebook and Instagram. Therefore many e-commerce brands use this to their advantage by buying ads on each social media platform in order to drive real business results. Â Also with the recent addition of buy buttons there is an increasing influence on ad investment for businesses.


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