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eCommerce News in Tweets: UK’s eCommerce Growth Doubles in Second Quarter

By Amrita Aujla / Posted

eCommerce is still booming, and here are some stats to prove it. Figures from the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index has recently found that the UK online retail sales figures have grown by 18% in June of this year. This has been seen to be the highest record annual growth for 2015 and equals to around a whopping £9.3 billion spent online! These results found that June 2015 had the strongest month-on-month growth since June 2003. This means that the UK's consumer confidence is increasing which is being seen to be with all the new summer sales that stores are hosting and the sudden boost in warm weather has encouraged people to buy more. The total growth from April to June was 14% which was double the growth than what was found between January to March which was only a mere 7%. The Index has found a boost in sales clothing in June which saw an 18% YoY increase. Also the travel sector has seen a sudden boom of 25% which is this highest growth it has seen this year and its third highest annual growth since December 2009 when the Index started recording! And if you think that this was it then you are wrong because the m-commerce sector recorded a 57% increase in June meaning that more people are starting to purchase smartphones or tablet devices through the middle of the year which is strange because we would expect this behaviour at Christmas time. A new revelation has also been made with the growing disparity between online-only and multichannel retailers as in June growth for online-only sales extended to 13% YoY whereas multichannel sales grew to an even more impressive 21%. So for all you out there who just cannot decide whether to open an eCommerce store or not then these figures should really sway your decision but decide quick because this boom won't last long! Take a look at some of the top eCommerce news for this week - next week we'll have an even bigger round up for all you eCommerce and Shopify lovers out there!