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New Feature Launch: Ultimate Phone Case Customisation

By Emily Hickey-Mason / Posted

In 2015 we built a customiser app for our client Quick Mobile Fix, who repair and refurbish mobile phones. This bespoke customiser allows users to choose different coloured parts for their phones online and then post their phone off for its make-over and QMF send it back fully customised.

We've just launched a second customiser for them which allows customers to make their own phone case.

This feature offers a variety of templates to choose from that can then be infinitely customised from adding, cropping, moving and resizing a number of images. Images can be uploaded from desktop, Google Drive or any social media platform for optimum ease. Similarly, this customiser allows users to add, move around and resize numerous bits of text in a variety of different fonts, sizes and colours.

This new feature works much like Vistaprint and Photobox but with even more flexibility. The ease of Vistaprint was the benchmark which we wanted to achieve without compromising on how intuitive it is which is what we believe makes it so user friendly and fun to use.

The result of aiming for this target was that rather just uploading images into slots, users are able to do whatever they want with a template to the point where they can move and change images as they like. This mobility coupled with QMF's ability to set some parameters and boundaries has created a best of both worlds feature: template and flexibility.