Using social media to increase your sales and customer relationships

by Jason / Posted


In a recent poll it was found that 20% of online purchases are made after stumbling upon companies social media sites. Potential customers now have easy access to public opinion which can really sell your brand and make customers feel like part of a community and that they are being listened to.


Social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, are the best, if not fastest source to get the info you need on just about anything you can think of. Social media pages bring lots of opportunities for self-promotion: online communities can help to identify the most active and influential customers, or find new ones who are not familiar with the online store yet.


For online shops, it’s a good channel to keep customers up to date of the latest news, products or special deals which you can make for Facebook or Twitter followers only to encourage even more interaction and sales.


Here at Shopify Builder our social media manager Clare can help you create that online community of customers.


Providing you with an easy to follow strategy and implementing it helping you tap into a customer base you didn’t know even existed.


Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are the most effective platforms for online retailers and Clare can update all of them daily and take the pressure off you.


Whatever your store is selling Clare can get people visiting your site and buying your products.


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