4 of the Biggest Shopify Success Stories

4 of the Biggest Shopify Success Stories

Join us as we take a look at four Shopify success stories and how they all made it big in their own unique way.

Written by Jason

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There are many Shopify stores out there so how do you make your Shopify store stand out from the rest and make it into the catalogue of Shopify success stories? Well, there are several major factors that you will need to consider if you want your Shopify store to be successful. They include:

  • Demand. If there are no customers wanting your product who will you sell to?
  • Production. How fast can you sell the product? If you're drop shipping can you rely on your supplier?
  • Pricing. The price can say a lot about your product, sell too low and your profit margins could be affected, sell too high and you could cut out a large chunk of the market.
  • Quality. If you make the product yourself you have the ultimate quality control but if you don't then you will need quality control procedures put in place. Are you prepared for a product call back or influx of complaints?
  • Marketing and advertising. You may have the most cutting edge product or service but without marketing how do you expect anybody to find your website? We offer both on-site and off-site Shopify SEO services to boost your website rankings in search engines from the offset.
  • Customer satisfaction. When all is said and done a happy customer is a job well done. A satisfied customer are more likely to spread the word and buy from you again.

Let's take a look at these four Shopify success stories and how they all made it big in their own unique way.


(mindzai.com) Mindzai is a DIY toy platform where customers can purchase toys as blank canvases for themselves to paint on. Founded in 2006, the website was previously a blog subsequently turned into an e-commerce store. From then Mindzai's Shopify success story went from strength to strength with its accessible and affordable toys that any budding artist can purchase. The price point for the lower cost value toys really is low at approximately $10 per toy and with a unique selling point that every toy has the ability to be different, the owner Chris Tseng has found a niche market that brings out the creativity in everyone.

Mindzai also stocks apparel and creative goods along with pre-designed toys and even workshops. The broad selection allows for a diversification on the highly successful DIY brand. Chris believes you must have faith in yourself if you're going to succeed with your products, we wouldn't argue with that. If your Shopify store can offer people something they have never seen before then you are paving the way for your Shopify success story already. Just as Chris Tseng has done, in order to have a successful Shopify store you need to find a niche in the market and storm it with all guns blazing!

Bee's Wrap

(beeswrap.com) Bee's Wrap's Shopify success story is relatively new, just as their business is as they only became public in 2013. Bee's Wrap is made of organic cotton muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin and it's designed as the perfect plastic alternative to cellophane when wrapping up your food.

Bee's Wrap: Eco-friendly food wraps

As you can imagine this new eco-friendly cost effective solution to food storage has people discussing its potential effects worldwide. Sarah, the founder of Bee's Wrap reveals that when designing her business plan it was important to take stunning photographs and therefore recommends if your product is highly visual the importance of good quality photographic equipment, or hiring someone with those tools, should be taken into consideration. There are so many businesses out there who do not consider the importance of quality imagery and this effects their sales and profits massively so take a leaf out of Sarah's book and grow your Shopify success story from your product imagery.

Great Little Place

(greatlittleplace.com) A company that creates maps maybe doesn't sound exciting on first read, but these aren't any old maps. Great Little Place (GLP) currently create maps of London where all the places on the map are recommended by their devoted followers. You won't find any chain restaurants, bars, museums, stores, etc. on their maps. Instead they aim to promote the little guy who usually doesn't get a look in on most mainstream brochures, maps, leaflets and publications.

GLP: London how you've never seen it before

Their aim is to make interesting tourist maps with intricate and stylish designs for interesting people and we think they do that quite well indeed. Their purpose of including customer's views and opinions in their designs is a smart one and definitely played a major factor in their Shopify success story. This not only maintains a devoted customer base especially across social media it also helped them crowd fund capital to begin their website. Keep an eye out for other cities in future.

3Fish Studios

(3fishstudios.com) Annie and Eric are a cohesive team. Their Shopify success story was built up on their aim to create original, affordable paintings and prints with an iconic almost nostalgic edge. Their longevity is a testament to their amazing Shopify success story having founded the company back in 2006. The passion for their work shows itself in their quirky designs and their awareness that they'll be doing this way into their retirement due to the love of it all.

3Fish Studios: Painting passion from the heart

Their company name 3Fish Studios fits their brand well and is inspired by the Galvin coat-of-arms from Annie's family in Ireland with the slogan of "By Industry We Prosper". If there's one little nugget to take away from this charming little story it's that you must love the work you do and the formation of a brand name can sometimes be closer to home than you think. There you have it, four Shopify success stories that have approached the e-commerce environment with their own creativity and passion to fulfil the 6 key factors of success listed at the beginning of this article. Now it's your time to grow.

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