How To Choose a Name For Your E-commerce Store

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You have created your product(s), invested in painstaking market research and are now raring to set up your e-commerce store on Shopify. However, there is one task left to tackle and it is an important one: naming your online shop.

Although Shakespeare may have been a firm believer that name should not matter, this is definitely not true in the competitive landscape of the internet. With an average of around 50,000 new domains being registered every single day according to, it can be difficult to come up with something original and available. The name of your site is your front door and “welcome mat” to the thousands of potential customers you will encounter. It is important that you get it right the first time as changing it later on could be a time consuming and costly process.


downloadDo not make your domain name ideas  too complicated

Although a domain can be between 1-67 characters long, the shorter you can make it, the better. There are four ways that customers will find your website – through search engines, links, bookmarks or by typing in the URL. If the domain is too long and complicated it will be hard to remember and you may find you lose returning visitors. Usually, two or three words maximum is advised with no numbers or dashes if possible.


Try and enforce domain name keywords where possible

There was a time where keywords played a huge part in Google rankings. If you were searching “womens clothes,” ‘’ would probably be number one in the ranking. However, search engines have changed and keyword rich domains are not such an important part of SEO anymore. Having a keyword in your domain can still be beneficial, but it can also lead to closer scrutiny and a possible  negative ranking effect from search engines. So make sure you find a nice balance between keywords and catchy branding.


Make your brand name and domain descriptive

Unless you have a few million pounds in the bank to throw at television and radio advertising to create a catchy jingle (we are looking at you, then it’s best to create something obvious and descriptive which will not confuse your potential customers or make them think your website is spam.

We can give a couple of great examples from our client selection at Shopify Builder:


Regal Gentleman – A very original and catchy name. It sticks to the two word rule and conjures up an image of exactly what the brand sells – luxury gentleman’s accessories.


Kit Box – This company sells quality gym wear and accessories specialising in CrossFit. Kit Box sounds extremely sporty, has a close affiliation with the term Kick Box and CrossFit enthusiasts use the word “box” as a place they train. This means that target customers will automatically associate this website as somewhere they can shop.


domain name ideas brainstormSuggested domain name brainstorms

If you’re still struggling, there are a wide range of services (normally free) that can help you generate available domains. Just enter a couple of important keywords and they will come up with some ideas. We have listed of our three favourites below:

Name Mesh – lets you combine keywords and look up common, new, short, fun and similar domain names with a range of different endings such as .co, .io and more.

Wordoid – supplies you with creative titles by blending words together. You can generate a completely random list of words or you can enter a main keyword.

Impossibility! – is great if you already have one keyword in mind, but are looking for a descriptive word to start or finish your domain. It is super quick at getting results because it uses multiple servers to find availability.


Who are you trying to sell to? .com, .net? & protect your business legally

You will notice that on these brainstorm websites, it is not just the familiar .com which is available for registry, there are a wide range of extensions available. It may be worth considering registering a few domain endings to make sure customers find you easily. If your domain can be easily misspelled, then register these spelling mistakes too. For example, and should both be registered to prevent competition setting up a similar website and targeting your traffic.


using social media to create ecommerce salesIt is not just the main domain website that is important

Social media is one of the key tools every e-commerce store will use to connect to their audience and make sales. It is important to have a brand that translates well over Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + and Instagram. Check that your brand name (or as close as possible) is available for these social media channels. You should register them as soon as possible even if you are not planning on using them straight away.


You may be interested on also reading our guide on how to increase sales using social media.


Who to register your domain with

Hopefully this guide has helped you to settle on your name. Shopify let you register a domain with them for a quick and easy link up to your e-commerce store. If you are looking for an external provider, we recommend 123-Reg as a great and affordable provider for hosting your domain.


After reading this, you should be ready to take the first step towards running a successful e-commerce site. Get some help from Shopify Builder; we can aid you with design, development, content, SEO and social media. Contact us for a quote.

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