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3 Things about Marketing we've Learnt in 3 Years

Posted By Emily Hickey-Mason

We've been conducting and implementing a variety of marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients for 3 years now. As with any new endeavour, despite how much talent, expertise and knowledge has been thrown into the Marketing Department, we've inevitably come across a challenge or two.

Exceeding our clients' goals and expectations has always been our primary objective here in the Shopify Builder Marketing Department and it would seem that our client testimonials reflect this hard work and effort.

In the beginning, we set out to help our clients drastically improve their businesses in every way, shape and form (we still do); however, what we didn't quite expect was how much they would help us too. Every company we work with presents us with a new exciting challenge and each individual client gives us a new way of thinking.

We've learnt a huge amount in 3 years about each channel of digital marketing which we would like to share to with you:

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial part of the marketing strategies we implement for clients here at Shopify Builder. This digital marketing activity has developed over the years and we as a digital agency have synonymously increased our knowledge and expertise in developing e-commerce SEO strategies to help stores improve their search traffic and rankings for high-worth keywords. Along the way, we've learnt a lot about how SEO strategies should be implemented, about how the industry is moving forward and what clients expect from us as Shopify SEO experts.

One hard lesson we've learnt is that whilst we can't stress enough how important it is to implement correct SEO processes for any company, over reliance on SEO can actually harm a business. Over the last 3 years we've heard far too many horror stories of companies relying on organic search traffic as their primary method of acquiring customers, only for them to be hit by a Google update because of using unnatural methods of building domain authority.

A reoccurring problem our clients seem to have come across, is the lack of proactivity from previous agencies. We've learnt from their mistakes and have quickly deduced that agencies need to ensure they keep their proactivity and personal touch with clients. Many clients coming over to us have complained about their past agencies not being proactive enough and this is largely due to agencies focusing on acquiring more and more customers, only for them to slack on proactivity and engagement with current clients. It's far cheaper to retain and upsell current customers than it is to acquire new customers!


Creating both on-site and off-site content for a client is tricky. Whether it's blog posts, off-site SEO optimised articles or meta descriptions, each client has their own personal, subjective taste and learning to write in multiple different styles has been an exceptionally exciting challenge for all of our writers.

After encountering a few minor clashes with regards to writing style preference, our content writers now always have extensive conversations with new clients to properly catch on to the vibe of the company and find out what sort of tone the client wants for their content (factual, sales orientated, sentimental, colloquial, formal etc). By doing this, we have been better able to tap into our clients' way of thinking and execute the tone and style of writing they desire.

Writing style, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary is imperative to the feel of a site and company which is why we always do our absolute best to achieve the most stunning and well optimised writing. Another biggie that we've learnt about content over the past 3 years, is explaining in great detail the purpose of SEO optimised writing. For each of our clients, we write genuine and interesting off-site content full of heavily researched industry keywords and links to credible sites and the client's site. The issue we've encountered (and combatted) with this aspect of content writing is that SEO optimised writing needs to be explained in great detail - you can't take for granted that a client has done as much research as you have!

This involves:

  • Explaining the importance of keywords for the articles
  • Emphasising that the articles are not there to promote the brand but rather help with the ranking of keywords
  • Explaining the importance of authentic back links for a site's credibility and Google ranking

Once we take the time to explain these points in detail, relationships tend to harmonise as we all fall onto the same page.

Social Media

Social media is an ever changing form of marketing that is remarkably competitive and when used correctly, can be highly effective. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are the main channels we focus on here, although we're starting to dabble in Pinterest and LinkedIn. All of these channels are not just used by companies but by the majority of the population which makes it a much more competitive and crowded domain for marketing. However, due to the high numbers of users, it means that we have a fantastic opportunity to make a global impact which is what we always try and do.

From working on clients' social media as well as our own, we are forever learning, keeping up with the trends and adapting to the constantly evolving etiquette of virtual socialising on a large scale - getting your voice heard in a crowd of billions and billions is not easy but it is possible.

Social media posts can spread like wildfire which has resulted in people easily becoming overnight celebrities and companies being able to build or break their brand in a day. From the experiences we've had, we've learnt what information works on which platform, what sort of post will get you the most likes/shares/retweets, what images capture the imagination and how to get you 1k+ new followers in a week. (HINT: Twitter competitions work an absolute treat!)

One of the primary things we've picked up regarding social media is how careful you have to be with what you post. The internet is a brutal audience and if you put up one bad or controversial post, you can find yourself in hot water very quickly! As a company, this is a situation you want to steer well clear of so keep posts upbeat, optimistic, neutral and friendly.

Social media for a company is a fantastic way to reach out to customers/potential customers in a personal way. By responding to a customer directly through social media, you're creating a relationship that is difficult to generate through an email or website. This quick interaction also encourages loyalty so when we respond to any enquiries, it's with a light, friendly and helpful tone.

We've learnt that social media is an integral part of any business marketing strategy so long as it is managed correctly. All posts need to carefully planned out, responses to interactions should be quick and accounts should be updated regularly.

Get in Touch

If you would like help with any of the above Marketing services, please get in touch with our very talented Marketing Manager Indy: indy@shopifybuilder.com

Look out for Part 2/3 next on 3 things we've learnt about development in 3 years!

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