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Make your online shop more like Amazon

Posted By Jacob Ingram

If you think the ecommerce giants of the world - Amazon and Ebay - just sit back on their Chesterfield sofas, or drive Lambos whilst you slave away trying to build an ecommerce brand, you’re wrong. Ecommerce giants got to where they are by trying, failing, analysing, testing and optimising their customer services and user journeys so that they were the best.

They are still improving.

They are still growing.

This is why they are still at the top.

Can you ever really compete with the ecommerce giants? Why would we even talk about them in the same breath? Why are we talking about the competitors that are stopping you from being the biggest brand in the world?

Because they have already done all the work.

What do they have that you don’t?

Resource...money...and the best minds in the digital industry, making sure you spend all of your ecommerce profits on their ecommerce sites.

They have huge teams of people coming up with so many new ideas that they can identify how to improve ecommerce experience and implement it quickly and efficiently.

What do you have that they don’t?

You have them.

You’ve got someone who has spent millions of dollars becoming the landmark destination for online shoppers. You probably use these ecommerce stores yourself. I bet it feels natural to you. More natural than your own online store?

Maybe you should replicate some of their ideas?

What can you do?

We aren’t saying create a store that looks exactly like Amazon or eBay. Don’t sacrifice what makes you you. That’s the reason people are coming to you and NOT these ecommerce giants.

What you can do is take a couple of their ideas - the tried and tested elements that customers are now familiar with and have come to expect in their online shopping experience. Take some of the tools that they are using. They have created tools and features in their websites that make the shopping experience better for customers whilst ALSO improving the chance of converting. That’s your bottom line, right there. Make it look like you are improving customer service, when really you are just encouraging more sales, more conversions, higher spends and, ultimately, more profit.

What can Eastside Co do to help you?

We are ecommerce specialists, user experience specialists, marketing specialists and design specialists. We look at these ecommerce giants in excruciating detail and we help our clients learn from them.

We create tools, features and ideas. that can improve the experience of your customers in Shopify and make you more money. These tools are built to replicate the functionality that ecommerce giants pump so much research and development into, but with improved accessibility so you can easily integrate them into your Shopify store.


This is a huge one. Amazon’s wish list was groundbreaking and consumers now expect to see this everywhere. Not only does a wishlist give your visitors the impression of great customer service, it lets you see exactly the products they want and start understanding their intent before they’ve made a purchase. With this list of products you could easily create personalised promotions and lead people who were simply interested in these products into actually buying them.

You’re collecting data that wasn’t previously available to you.

You are now able to identify products that are frequently added to many customer wishlists. You’re basically getting a funnel of customers saying,

‘Hey, store owner!? I like this, but I haven’t bought it yet.’

You can use this information… use it to get them to convert.

Use it to inform future product development.

If nothing else, use it to collect lists of customers who are interested in specific products.

What we’ve taken from the giants

There is a lot to be learned from the corporations that dominate the ecommerce landscape. They’re at the forefront of innovation, but they are also the main practitioners of the tried and tested.

This is why we created a wishlist app for Shopify. Shopify isn’t preloaded with this functionality, but it is such a powerful way of collecting data and marketing to an audience who are already interested in your products.

If you think a wishlist would would for your store, take a look at ours.

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