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A Dangerous Shopify Competitor? Volusion Vs Shopify

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There are a number of eCommerce shopping carts available on the market. Two of the most popular platforms are Volusion and Shopify. Both of these eCommerce giants power small to large sized online businesses. Shopify boasts over 100,000 store owners with Volusion having 50,000. Both of the merchants have positive and negative aspects to them. We took them both head to head in a Volusion Vs Shopify break down. Keep reading to find out who wins this epic battle.

Volusion Vs Shopify : Which Is Easier To Use? You are probably examining eCommerce hosts such as Shopify because you are not that familiar with building a website, and do not want to spend thousands developing a confusing eCommerce site from scratch. Therefore it is natural that whichever platform you choose is easy to use and update. Both Volusion and Shopify were created on the basis of making ecommerce accessible to everyone. The platforms both feature a simple CMS system. Volusion has many positive aspects such as Facebook store integration, deal of the day, and affiliate system and more. However the sleek nature of Shopify is possibly less daunting for a beginner and will ease you in to the world of eCommerce gently. Verdict: Winner is Shopify - Although some of the features that Volusion offer make it easy to progress once you have mastered your store, you are probably not looking for an affiliates log in straight away. Shopify's sleek interface makes it preferable for the ecommerce beginner.
Volusion Vs Shopify: Pricing
Price is also a huge determining factor for many eCommerce store owners. Shopify's starter plan begins at $14 a month and its mid-range plan is set at $79 a month. We wrote an in depth assessment of Shopify pricing plans which you can view here. While most options include a transaction fee as we discussed in our previous blog, you can get these waived by used the Shopify payment gateway. You can get a FREE 14 day Shopify trial too. Volusion also offers a 14 day trial and the price structure is quite similar to Shopify. However looking at the reviews of Volusion, it seems they are notorious their extra fees, including using too much bandwidthwhich is charged by the GB! If you want to have a Powered by Volusion link removed from the footer of your store it'll cost you $25 every single month.

Verdict? Winner Shopify - Hidden fees and extra charges are a no-go when building an eCommerce store. You want to know how much it is going to cost from the beginning! We love sleek design and the powered by Volusion link is unsightly and expensive to remove.
Volusion Vs Shopify: Design As we just stated, we love sleek eCommerce designs, so which platform is going to achieve this for you? Both Shopify and Volusion have a number of free and premium themes that you can install onto your shop front. Shopify have more free themes that Volusion and in our opinion they are much slicker that the competition. The Shopify designs are some of the most eye-catching, elegant themes in the business and make Shopify a hefty competitor. This week (March 2015) Shopify introduced a live store-front editor which makes it even easier to make simple changes to your Shopify store if you are not HTML or Liquid savvy. See the video below to view the demo of how easy it is to use. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N08ftKJ4c1U\[/embed] Verdict - TIE: We have praised Shopify because it is easier to use as a beginner and it has a better interface. (However we have already given them a point for that!) The final reason we have named this a tie is because with both eCommerce platforms we would recommend a professional and custom design eventually as plug-in themes are extremely limited. Check out our ecommerce design portfolio to see how we can help you achieve a gorgeous custom eCommerce store design.

Volusion Vs Shopify: Applications and Add-Ons Third party developers are always looking for ways to integrate their developments with big platforms. Shopify offers an enormous amount of integrations inside their app store. There are loads of ways to improve your social media, marketing and accounting with plug-ins that are both free and paid for.

Volusion has a wide variety of applications built into their CMS. However it lacks a lot on the application front. They do not offer many add-ons and most of them remain in beta. There is definitely room for improvement. However who can blame developers wanting to work with Shopify as it has twice the potential audience.

Verdict? Winner Shopify: Shopify seem to see the value in introducing new apps and features. Users can skip costly web development by paying monthly for an application that does the same job. The amount of choice available is really unbeatable.

Volusion Vs Shopify: Customer Support
Both Shopify and Volusion offer a variety of ways to speak to a representative. Volusion offer 24/7 live support via email, phone, or chat for all plans. They also have a huge knowledge base that contains video and written tutorials to help you are unsure on any aspect. Shopify also offers 24/7 phone support, email and chat. They also provide an extremely helpful blog, a Shopify guide and the Ecommerce University. You can learn more about Shopify customer service here.

Verdict - TIE: There are negative and positive reviews about both Shopify and Volusion's customer services, making it difficult to judge. Both offer a comprehensive 24/7 customer service and wealth of knowledge on their forums.

Conclusion Overall? Shopify is the clear winner in our eyes in the Volusion Vs Shopify battle. Shopify seems to always be developing new ways to help it's customers make more money from eCommerce. The choice on price, design and support levels are all flexible to the needs of the individual business. You can begin your 14 day trial here.

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