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Is Shopify cheaper than a bespoke online store by a web developer?

By Jason Stokes / Posted

A common question I get asked by clients interested in using Shopify as a potential platform for their eCommerce store is; "Does Shopify work out cheaper than a normal website?"... The answer is not a straight forward one. Indeed Shopify does have a monthly cost to it, but this can easily be compared to having a developer on call for monthly support/software updates plus the annual website hosting fee. So to truly find out, we carried out an experiment. We posted an eCommerce project on a number of popular freelancer websites to get some ideas of prices/charges to build a bespoke medium sized eCommerce site and keep it well maintained in terms of security updates and general support. From the 30 applications we received from professional web developers, we worked out the following:

  • Average build price £745
  • Average yearly hosting fee £236
  • Average maintenance cost £960 (£80p/m)

Bespoke eCommerce website £1,941

In comparison, If you select Shopify's popular business package which includes hosting, 24/7 support and software/security updates all inclusive.

  • Average build price including design £395
  • Yearly cost (business package £38 per month) £456

Shopify website= £775


So from our results it's proven that Shopify can in fact be a more affordable option than a bespoke/off the shelf website solution. Please note Shopify does charge a small commission rate of 2-1% per transaction depending on the package you choose. If you have any other questions about Shopify or if it's the right platform for you, get in touch with me at or call 0121 794 0200.