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Eastside Co's LIVE Twitter Q&A with our Shopify Experts #ShopifyChat

Posted By Jason Stokes

Are you looking for a little help with some aspects of Shopify from Shopify Experts? You can get free answers and advice by getting involved in Shopify Builder's live Twitter question and answer session.

We launched our #ShopifyChat last month and due to popular demand, we are hosting another one this Friday (4th July) at 3pm (GMT.)

Shopify Builder are excited to announce that our Twitter Q&A will be a fixed monthly feature from now on and will occur the first Friday of every single month.

So get your brains ticking on what answers you really need to know about Shopify!

If you are a little bit stuck then why not get some inspiration...

Which questions can you ask our Shopify Experts ?

  • Shopify Design Questions: Get a professional web designer to take a look over your Shopify store. Send us the link and we can take a live look at your store and give you suggestions on what needs enhancing! This is the perfect opportunity to gain some advice if you are looking to do an ecommerce design overhaul.

  • Shopify Theme Questions: Not all themes are born equal. However some are better for different functionality than others. Maybe you are confused on what theme is best for you. Or need a recommendation on how your theme needs to be improved. We can help you with all this, and more.

  • Shopify App Questions: Our most common query. Some Shopify apps can get users in a right tizz! However our Shopify Experts have tried and tested them all. Use their knowledge and find out what apps are right for your store.

  • Shopify SEO Questions: You may have a beautiful, functional ecommerce store - with absolutely no visitors or sales. Get some free SEO advice to boost your store in Google and get more traffic to your site.

  • Ecommerce Questions: Price pointing, conversions,wholesalers, drop-shipping, postage costs, packaging, newsletters, catalogs. There is much more to an ecommerce business than meets the eye. We do not just build websites for customers, we help them build businesses. Therefore our Shopify experts will gladly help you with any ecommerce woes.

  • Social Media Questions: The most powerful online marketing tool out there. Create a splash on the internet landscape by becoming a social media expert. Need more Twitter followers? Our advice can help you get them!

  • What our favourite brand of biscuits are: Or any other random questions (within reason!) are welcomed. We love a little bit of Twitter banter. Use our Shopify chat time to get to know the team here at Shopify Builder. Be warned, sarcastic responses may be encountered ;)

Follow @Shopifybuilder// We are looking forward to chatting with you all on Friday!

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Shopify Conversion Checklist

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