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7 Ecommerce New Year's Resolutions You Must Make For 2015

Posted By Jason Stokes

Losing weight, getting fit, drinking less, quitting smoking: all of these are common New Year's Resolutions. However if you are an eCommerce entrepreneur then you may have your business on the brain instead. The new year is the perfect excuse to wipe the slate clean and start thinking of how you can boost your eCommerce store. Here we examine some of the bad habits eCommerce store owners make and how to ecommerce improvements for the better in 2015. The good news is there are no yucky green smoothies involved either!

1) Check your eCommerce store is working as smoothly as possible

Although we are Shopify design experts who love to create eye-catching eCommerce stores, we still appreciate that looks aren't everything. Functionality is also key when it comes to maximizing eCommerce conversions in 2015. Therefore it is time to sit down and study exactly how your customers use your store. It may be a painful experience to realise that your collection pages need rearranging, or navigation is not working as it should be and requires improvement. However it is better to face up to your eCommerce woes now than to keep loosing precious transactions in 2015. If you need some advice on what to look out for then check out our blog on how to maximize eCommerce conversion rates.

2) Improve your eCommerce store's social presence

Social Media was a key factor to success in 2014. Many start-up eCommerce stores managed to turn over an impressive profit by using social media alone to market themselves. Therefore social media is definitely not an aspect of business to be ignored. We would recommend to regularly update at least Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Instagram is also a very important network for companies that sell visual products such as fashion, accessories or sports gear. You can read our guide on how to get more followers on Instagram for your eCommerce store.

3) Get attention on Google by focusing on your eCommerce SEO

You may already realise the importance of Search Engine Optimisation and other forms of digital marketing. However it is something that many eCommerce store owners overlook or do not focus enough attention on. Ranking organically in Google is one of the best ways to bring in priceless traffic to your website. If you do not understand about SEO then it is time to learn how it could help your business. 2015 is the year to improve your own understanding on what makes a website show up in Google search. You can begin by reading our guide to the most common ecommerce SEO FAQ's.

4) Focus on your eCommerce re-marketing

Did you know that acquiring a new customer is normally 6-7 times more expensive than getting an existing one to repurchase? (Original statistic from Bain & Company.) Therefore working on your re marketing strategy is key to having a profitable 2015. Sending clickable and inspiring eCommerce newsletters can build your brand, maximize conversions and provide ecommerce imrpovements. Plus you are advertising to people that are a) already interested in your brand and b) likely to trust your eCommerce store. If you are struggling for inspiration on how to create and set up an eCommerce newsletter then find our guide here.

5) Make a holiday planner and actions to go with it

Holiday periods are the time when eCommerce store owners can really cash in and also establish their brand to the maximum. You may have felt that this year your Valentine's, Easter and Christmas campaigns were a little lack lustre. Therefore why not start planning for them now? Create a complete calendar of promotional periods in 2015 and what you can do to boost sales around this time. This allows you to get promotional codes ready, social updates and custom graphics too. Buy small bags of chocolate hearts to pop into your orders near valentines. I am sure your customers would love to share their surprise little treat on Facebook and Twitter! It is the little touches that make lasting impressions. Struggling with Christmas? Find out how to get your eCommerce store Christmas ready.

6) Give your eCommerce store a little face lift

We did say that looks aren't everything, but let's face it, they definitely do matter! We are not saying that you need to have a full eCommerce redesign (but if you want to, we can help.) However small touches can really improve your ecommerce store. Customers notice when you give your website a refresh. On the other hand they also notice if you haven€™t updated your product shots in years. Your website may be literally getting stagnant with a lack of updates. Keep your product photography, collections and blog fresh to keep customers coming back for more. It is also very important to make sure you have a responsive eCommerce website with more and more customers moving to phones and tablets to do their online shopping.

7) Keep on top of your eCommerce customer service

Customer service is the bread and butter of your business. By ignoring problems and not facing issues you may be really stabbing yourself in the foot. A timely and well composed response to an unhappy customer may be all it takes to resolve a complaint. Some of the top eCommerce sins include leaving more than 24 hours to respond to a complaint or query, arguing on social networks and deleting any negativity or complaints. Have a strong customer service policy and make sure that all members of staff are trained properly to handle queries. If you simply cannot respond to emails within 24 hours then set up a retention email that informs the customer when they can expect a response. Keeping in contact is a vital part of customer service and there is really no excuse for lack of communication in 2015. Find out more by reading our 10 top tips for ecommerce customer service here. From the whole team at Shopify Builder: We hope your 2015 is your most successful year yet!

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