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Ecommerce Inspiration: Great Tactics of Stores That Use Christmas To Drive Sales

Posted By Jason Stokes

The Christmas period is always a time to pick up great sources of eCommerce inspiration. The festivities are a great time to really promote your eCommerce store and get the sales rolling in. Savvy eCommerce store owners will have their Christmas strategies in place from October time. If you are a shop owner who has missed the boat this year, do not fear! Shopify Builder is here to give you some Christmas eCommerce inspiration that will get you all set for thinking up great strategies for next year. Here are a run down of some top tactics of stores that have really got the sales rolling for Christmas 2014 and beyond.

1) Ecommerce Inspiration: Give Away A Free Stocking Filler

Admit it - when shopping for a Christmas gift, there are certain considerations we all make when selecting that perfect present. Most of us want to look like we've spent more than they actually have! Why wouldn't you want to make a loved one feel completely spoilt without breaking the bank? That is why upgrading a gift for free will entice shoppers into thinking they have got a great deal. If you are a technology company then you could simply include a free camera case with any camera purchase in December. For a perfumery, giving a matching scented moisturiser may be all it takes to get those extra orders.

2) Ecommerce Inspiration: Get Blogging

Some of the biggest search terms on Google around this period are unsurprisingly along the lines of "gift ideas for Dad." Therefore you could attract potential customers into your store by basing some blog posts around these topics. Even if the blog posts do not rank on Google then you should definitely be sharing them on your social networks. Christmas is a time where customers may not know what they are looking to buy. Creating content like this should prod them in the right direction. Come up with some funny and entertaining ones for maximum impact. Why not write about "What to buy for the Christmas Scrooge?" Let's face it, we all know at least one!

3) Ecommerce Inspiration: Create Strategic Collections

Have you ever been online Christmas shopping and got bored of wading through inappropriate gifts? Yep we've all been there, but top eCommerce stores will have separated their products into specialized collection pages to avoid customer stress. Gifts For Him, Gifts For Her, Gifts For Mom...These pages make Christmas shopping a seamless experience. Add a price selector, a free gift and you are onto a definite winner. Although you probably know your customer base well, it can be hard to "stereotype" your products in this way sometimes. Take the time to evaluate your past customers if possible. Your email marketing or past ecommerce giveaway entry information might give some help if you get stuck. If in doubt put the product in a few collections to maximize visibility.

4) Ecommerce Inspiration: Advent Calendar of Offers

Christmas just would not be complete without an advent calendar! Entice your audience with a treat, discount or freebie on every day of December. Make sure that you publicize it well on social media. You will surprised how many people start checking back for the next offer. If you can't stretch to creating a new offer for 25 days then make it the "12 Days of Christmas" instead. Even small offers on certain products, ie. "£5 off any pair of Red shoes" can really help direct customers to your website this time of year. Buying is not always the end goal: brand awareness is sometimes more important in the long run.

5) Ecommerce Inspiration: Give Your Shoppers Coupons For The New Year

Speaking of the long run, Christmas should focus your strategy for the year ahead. New shoppers will provide you with priceless re marketing opportunities that will encourage returning customers just make sure you learn the ropes of re-marketing campaigns. For every purchase at Christmas time you should be giving your customer's a reason to shop with you in the New Year. Coupon codes work very well to push your January sales, just don't reduce down your stock so much that you are making a loss (or make sure your reduced stock is exempt from any discount codes.)

6) Ecommerce Inspiration: Extend Your Returns Period

Not as fun as the others, but return periods are an essential part of Christmas shopping! Shoppers really don't want to waste their money by getting the wrong gift. Therefore they rely on extended return periods. This tactic alone is probably not going to entice hoards of customers, however without it in place, you could miss out on vital conversions.

7) Ecommerce Inspiration: Promote Your Gift Cards

We all struggle with sizes, tastes and "have they already got that?" syndrome whilst Christmas shopping. Be sure to really promote your gift cards at this time of year. Chances are buyers can picture a friend or family member in your brand but are uncertain of these details. You can easily sell gift cards to hesitant shoppers as an alternative to picking out the item. The great thing about gift cards is that the recipient will almost always spend more than the gift card amount. Therefore it is a fantastic way to up sell your stock in the New Year.

8) Ecommerce Inspiration: Spread Some Christmas Spirit

Christmas seems to get more commercialised every year and there are always a number of cynical people who argue that it has lost it's true meaning. As a store owner you may want to take an alternative approach at this special time. Why not display the core ethics and beliefs of your company by creating a charitable donation on a website such as Just Giving from your profits through December. Tell your customers that instead of giving them a 10 percent discount, you will give 10 percent of all sales (or a small gift for every purchase) to unfortunate children this year. Many people will respect and appreciate your efforts and love this easy and unique way to give at Christmas time.

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