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How to Optimise your Shopify Checkout

By Amrita Aujla / Posted

Say goodbye to your dreary old optimisation problems and hello to the brand new responsive Shopify checkout. The launch of the amazing new responsive Shopify checkout has only been recent however many people are already benefitting from its greatness. Prior to the introduction of this, Shopify's checkout was not secure enough for mobile devices therefore they rebuilt the entire system again from the ground up and relaunched it as a responsive checkout.

The great thing about this brand new Shopify checkout is that it is optimised for all devices. With 50% of all traffic of ecommerce sites now coming from mobiles and tablets Shopify realised that they needed to step up their game. As half of all the Shopify customers are using these devices Shopify decided to re-design their checkout system so that it is safe and secure on every platform. By optimised many people think we mean that Shopify have scaled the checkout page to the same screen size as a tablet or mobile, however this new checkout goes far beyond this as it moves components of the page as well. For example, the order summary on a mobile device has been moved from the right side of the screen to the bottom of the page. With this new improvement Shopify can ensure their customer's checkout experience is enjoyable and not fiddly and frustrating.

We can really tell that Shopify has carefully considered every possible factor with their new checkout as the experience when checking out now it very smooth and easy for customers.

It has been said that the Shopify team spent many hours testing the system over many months on a select group of merchants before releasing it to all of their customers and the outcome has been a success with this new and simple Shopify checkout as one merchant actually noticed their checkout conversion rate jump from 58% to 65% after upgrading to responsive checkout.

Shopify have even introduced an easy design control that allows you to customise your checkout so it can be personalised to how you want it to look and meet your brand. This new customisation function is great because anyone can do it, there is no need for any design skills or coding at all! You can change the background colour, edit the header, add your own business logo and even your tagline.

Your checkout's primary, accent and call-to-action colours can also be customised to ensure that the checkout totally represents your business and your brand. It is also very important to note that the responsive checkout uses Level-1 PCI compliant security so your customer's payments are always 100% safe and secure - even banks all over the world use this same security! The new Shopify checkout is readily available for you to use today so what are you waiting for, go upgrade your store's checkout process now!