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Instagram is a social media account that allows you to post photos to interact with your followers. It is one of the fastest growing social networking sites and with this in mind, it can be used as a great tool to establish and promote a brand. If used correctly Instagram could result in viral success and a successful marketing campaign. Below are some suggestions that could result in gaining more followers on Instagram.


By taking photos and having an active account, this means that more people are likely to follow you. Also make sure that you are posting at a similar time every time you post, this means that followers know when to expect your posts. This also means that if you state you will post daily, then you should do exactly that.


By connecting your Facebook account it will allow you to reach out to a wider audience. If you are just starting up your Instagram account this also means that people will become aware of your account, if you do not have many followers.


By using hashtags it allows those who are interested in the same things to follow you. Hashtags also mean that a wider audience will become aware of your account if they are not already following you. Here is a link to the most popular Instagram hashtags.


Timing appears to be everything in regards to posting on Instagram. It means you can reach your demographic when you know that they will be checking the app. It has been found that posting at 2 a.m and 5 p.m, results in the most likes, which could lead to gaining more followers if photos are posted within this time frame.


It is a benefit to have a theme through out your Instagram account, instead of just random photos. This means that you will gain a following of those who are specifically interested in your posts. This also means you can portray your brand exactly as you want.



Instagram gained popularity due to the fact it was an app capable of adding filters to photographs. It could also be recommended to use only a couple of filters on your photos, linking back to keeping a theme.


Respond to your followers on Instagram, for example, if someone comments on your photo, then respond to them. If you gain new followers on Instagram then like one of their photos in return.


Follow those who post similar posts to yours. This means that you will be able to connect with those who have a similar interest to you.


Like Instagram posts that come up on your feed, this means that those who may not be following you back will become aware of your account and could possibly follow you back. This also applies to going on the discover tab on the app and liking photos that may be relevant to your account, which may result in follows back.


By posting purely exclusive photos to your Instagram, meaning that they have not been posted on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site, this means that those following will feel like they are gaining an exclusive insight.


By having captions on Instagram, especially ones that are interactive, such as asking questions to followers, it is more likely to get a response. Which means that those who are not following are likely to become aware of the Instagram account and want to also get involved with the discussion and are likely to follow.

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