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If you’re a business or a brand, Twitter is a great tool to not only interact with clients, but also help establish your brand. Through Twitter, it could result in sales and more traffic on your website. To increase Twitter followers, you should focus on the site for a certain amount of time, two months is a good start as gaining a mass following won’t just happen overnight. Below are some tips that should increase your Twitter following.

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Your biography is the first thing that potential followers see and it is reflective of what you have to offer. People will decide whether you are worth following almost immediately based on your bio. Your bio should tell potential followers about your company and what you provide.



Use your other sites, such as your company website, your Facebook and your Google+ accounts to promote your Twitter account.

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Make sure that what you are tweeting is of interest to your followers. Make sure the tweets are relevant in regards to what your company has to offer.


Tweet often but not constantly, studies have found that those that tweet often, in comparison to those that barely tweet at all have a higher amount of followers. If these tweets are relevant to your company, then it will also result in followers that have similar interests.




Tools such as buffer, allow you to plan your tweets ahead of time. As well as this the tool allows you to manage all social media sites, which means that you will be able to tweet, even when you are unavailable.buffer image


Make sure to respond to any replies you receive. Also respond to those on your timeline that you are able to help or are interested in. This means that through these interactions, users will be more willing to follow you, as they will see that you engage with your followers.


By asking questions, this will open up the opportunity for discussion between followers, with the possibility of non-followers also becoming aware of the discussion and your business.


Follow those that are recommended to you by Twitter, as they will also hold similar interests and may be of a benefit to follow as they could open doors to other potential clients.


Use hashtags to your benefit, this means using them in regards to what is relevant to what you are tweeting about. You could also use hashtags to get involved in discussions that your followers and potential followers could have an interest in. This also means you can search for hashtags that hold relevance to your company and then follow those who are tweeting these hashtags.


Retweet tweets that you believe your followers may be interested in, or tweets that may benefit them. This also makes your timeline look interactive, which will look more appealing to potential followers.

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