Writing A Successful Website Brief

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A good website brief the start point of a successful website, for both client and designer. By having a successful brief it will allow not only clientele to establish what they want their site to include, but it will also allow for guidance for the designer, not only this it will mean that designers will be able to give an accurate price, which mean there will be no surprises later on. Today Shopify Builder will suggest what should be included in your brief in order to cover all that needs to be covered.

1. Make Introductions

Introduce yourself. Introduce your company and the goals you want it to reach, introduce the ideas you have in regards to your website so that the designer is clearly informed.

2. Set Aims and Objectives

Clarify what you want to achieve from your website. If you want to your site to reach more people, then explain this with the designers. By setting aims and objectives it will allow you to become fully aware of what you want to achieve from your site.

3. Establish an Audience

Establish who you want to reach with your site and take this into consideration when thinking about what you want your site to include and look like. Consider what your audience will want from the site, then incorporate their wants and needs into the site itself.

4. Design Specification

You may already know clearly what you what your site to include, if so make sure that the designers are explicitly informed of this. Make sure you explain what you want your layout to look like, the colour theme you want to run throughout our site, and the colour theme of a site often links to the company logo, which should be something to take into consideration when deciding on colour theme, however if you have no preference then the designer can establish what colour theme would work best for you. You could suggest sites that you like the look of to your designers in order to give them an idea of the sort of site you are looking for.

5. Know Your Functionability

Know what functions you want you site to include and make sure to include functions that will be of a benefit to those who will visit your site, such as drop down menus, images and a slide show header. Inform the designers of the list of pages you require and the elements they require, such as the option to be interactive, which could include links to social media sites.

6. Include Your Non-Functions

This includes how your site will be used for example, will it be used mainly on tablets? Mainly on smart phones? Make sure you let the designer know this so that they can keep this in mind when creating the site. Consider the legal conditions surrounding your site and whether it needs to adhere to any laws. It is also beneficial to consider the security on your site, especially if your site will be taking card details for purchases.

7. Competitors

You should have already informed your designer of sites that are appealing to you, but by informing your designer of your competitors you will be able to see what features that are included and how they would be a benefit to your site. This will also allow you to make sure that your website will stand out amongst the crowd.

8. Budget

Make sure to make a budget and make sure that this budget is realistic. By establish what you wish to achieve with the website and the budget you are working with, the designers will be able to work to your budget and inform you as to whether the functions you wish to have are realistic on your budget.

9. Deadlines

If you have any deadlines for the project then you should inform the designers. The deadlines that are set should also be reasonable and realistic. Depending on the size of your project, this should be taken into consideration when making deciding on your deadlines.

At Shopify Builder we would be able to provide you with a site that would take into consideration everything that you want to include. Furthermore, at Shopify Builder we would be able to make suggestions that would benefit your site in the long run. If you require a site, or wish to make amendments to your already existing site, then contact us on [email [email protected]]

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