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Marcus Hanuy, an emerging international luxury sneaker brand, wanted a website as stand-out as their high-end shoes. The site was to play significant part in building and selling the brand.

We designed Marcus Hanuy a striking monochrome website to reflect their shoes’ stark aesthetics and high quality. The site had to both bolster the brand and be a canvas for the product to take the limelight.

Marcus Hanuy website

Marcus Hanuy

As users enter the site, a theatrical promo video plays full screen. As they scroll down to view the featured product, the header transforms from transparent to white as it sticks to the top of the screen. If the user scrolls back up, the header returns to its original state.

With understated features such as a location responsive cursor and swatches that update the product images, a minimalist lookbook and product pages let the trainers do the talking whilst enriching the user’s interactions with them.

Kitty Sadler
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Kitty Sadler

Kitty's a real nerd when it comes to Shopify. When she is not managing projects here at Eastside Co she will be found experimenting with recipes in her kitchen or exploring the food scene here in Birmingham.

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