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Nolah Mattress is a great example of a one-product site: clean, focused and persuasive.

We turned the Nolah team’s designs into a pixel-perfect, highly functional site. The homepage alone boasts smooth parallax scrolling, reveal animations and product diagrams. Enriched by a sunny colour scheme and high quality imagery, these touches support, rather than distract from, Nolah Mattress’s key sales messages.

Nolah Mattress website

Other highlights include: a categorised blog in which the user can tab between topics; an openable drawer for product specifics and carousel arrows that appear from the page sides as the user scrolls down the page.

We also customised the Shopify apps Referral Candy and SocialShopWave to uphold the site’s strong visual identity.

Kitty Sadler
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Kitty Sadler

Kitty's a real nerd when it comes to Shopify. When she is not managing projects here at Eastside Co she will be found experimenting with recipes in her kitchen or exploring the food scene here in Birmingham.

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