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With over a decade in the ecommerce industry and a wealth of knowledge, ESC Founder and CEO, Jason, has so far helped hundreds of businesses grow and thrive.

Eastside Co was born out of passion for supporting entrepreneurs. With his experience in web design, development and digital marketing, Jason wanted to create a space where new and established brands could access every tool they needed to grow their business under one roof. This drive, combined with the rise of the Shopify platform, has led Eastside Co to work with some of the world’s innovative and ambitious brands and market leaders, making sure they stay ahead of the curve.

Jason has always been an entrepreneur with a passion for creating and innovating. Over the years he’s worked with many clients on Shopify across a range of industries, and held directorships at several organisations.

Why would you recommend that online business owners consider Shopify for their store?

I like how the platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprise level, and scales with companies as they grow. Shopify is a really elegant solution for running an online business, taking care of things like security, updates and inventory, leaving you to actually run your company.

Experts in the field

Read Jason’s latest articles and insights to stay ahead of what’s happening in the world of ecommerce and Shopify.

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