Allparts Guitar Store – Our Design is a High Note

by Richard / Posted

As designers and developers we work on a lot of projects but every now and then a project comes along that you just can’t stop thinking about. The type of project where even in our sleep we envisioned image positioning and types, spacing between letters or colour changes. The type of project that hooks into you. Our latest hook was AllParts. As soon as this project came in we knew our destinies were intertwined, cheesy, but true! From the offset we could we knew how great the site could look visually, such as utilising some fantastic Shopify apps to improve usability. The added bonus was that we got to look at guitars all day.


Allparts Website Design

Allparts is a guitar & amps parts specialist operating from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. They approached us to redesign their eCommerce store and add increased usability.


All parts is one of the largest Shopify stores we’ve had the opportunity to build for.

With over 3,000 products available we had to configure the best way so that customers could easily find the product they want to look for without firstly having to go through hundreds of pages.


We put forward the idea of using a filter system on category pages which would allow the user to filter down by a simple yet effective tick. These filters included colour and materials which, for example, essentially reduced a page from say 40 products down to just 5. This was essential for usablility. To get this feature we utlised the Powertools app which can be found on the Shopify store. This adds all the functionality one would require.

Allparts use a killer filter on Shopify


In terms of design we wanted to retain some elements from their current site, such as the use of blacks which we did for the header area. That said, we also wanted to marry that with modern colours, such as a white body for the rest of the website.


Our favourite part of the site’s design has to be the really cool blue-print guitar backgrounds. This conveys to viewers that Allparts is the thought leader in relation to guitars and hardware – without being too forward about the message.


The website was one of the most challenging sites but the results are fantastic – and we have one happy client (Website coming soon).

Shopify makes it easy to run an online store

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